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Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Ecology (Inter-HE)

Department Majors
Community and Nonprofit Leadership Major
Family, Consumer and Community Education–Teacher Certification Major (Effective fall 2011, this program is not accepting new majors.)
Graduate Study
Certificate Programs
Courses: Inter-HE

4199 Nancy Nicholas Hall, 1300 Linden Drive, Madison, WI 53706; 608-262-2660; fax 608-265-1171; isadmin@mail.sohe.wisc.edu; www.sohe.wisc.edu/is

The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Ecology offers two majors: a major in community and nonprofit leadership and a major in family, consumer and community education. These majors provide a broad-based interdisciplinary education and a set of applied methodologies that prepare leaders and educators for family-human issues-community focused programming, teaching and coordinating responsibilities. These positions are found in education and in community, nonprofit, human services and business settings. The majors include general studies requirements in humanities, social sciences and natural sciences; specialized emphasis in human ecology areas; and attention to both education and community change processes.

Graduate Study

The department offers graduate studies in human ecology. The graduate curriculum allows students to specialize in civil society and community research. Through interdisciplinary course work and research in community settings—often in collaboration with community organizations or coalitions—students have opportunities to become participant-scholars in change processes, and learn human ecology theory and participatory and application-focused research methods in the process.

Certificate Programs

Certificate programs are optional and are not required for graduation. UW–Madison-sponsored programs that may be relevant for studentsin the interdisciplinary program student include:

The UW–Madison Leadership Certificate Program is sponsored by the Center for Leadership and Involvement. For more information, see Leadership Certificate.

Criminal Justice Certificate: The Criminal Justice Certificate Program is a special sequence of courses and field work for students wanting to learn about the dynamics of America's criminal and juvenile justice systems. For additional information see Criminal Justice Certificate Program.

The Undergraduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship is administered through the Management and Human Resources Department in the School of Business. The program builds on the experience of the cross campus Initiative for Studies in Transformational Entrepreneurship (INSITE) and of the Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship in the Wisconsin School of Business. INSITE’s Deans of Engineering, Law, and College of Agricultural and Life Sciences along with the Deans of Letters and Science and School of Human Ecology have actively endorsed the new program. For additional information see Certificate Program in Entrepreneurship.