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B.S.–Pharmacology and Toxicology

Pharmacology and Toxicology is an undergraduate major offered through the School of Pharmacy at UW–Madison; successful completion of program requirements in the program leads to the Bachelor of Science Pharmacology and Toxicology degree. 

Pre–pharmacology/toxicology studies involve the completion of at least 60 credits and the fulfillment of all prerequisite coursework. This typically takes two academic years to complete. Prerequisite coursework can be done at UW–Madison or at most accredited colleges and universities. In the state of Wisconsin, pre–School of Pharmacy advisors are located at both public and private colleges. These advisors are listed on the School of Pharmacy website, as is information about the specific courses at many colleges and universities that fulfill pre–pharmacology/toxicology course requirements. Questions about the transferability of courses from any college or university to the UW–Madison School of Pharmacy can be addressed to the School of Pharmacy Undergraduate Admissions Office (admissions@pharmacy.wisc.edu) or to the pre–School of Pharmacy advisor. At UW–Madison, pre–pharmacology/toxicology students usually enroll in the College of Letters & Science; however, their advisor is the pre-School of Pharmacy advisor whose office is located in the School of Pharmacy. It is important to plan a sound program and to stay up-to-date with admission requirements and program changes; students should stay in contact with their advisor. 

Admission to the B.S.–Pharmacology & Toxicology Program

See School of Pharmacy Academic and Admission Policies.

Electives in the Major

Students must complete at least 5 elective credits in the pharmacology/toxicology major. Electives in the pharmacology/toxicology major are available in many departments, both in the School of Pharmacy and elsewhere on campus. Students select electives in consultation with their advisor.  See the School of Pharmacy pharmacology-toxicology advisors for the most recent list of approved electives in the major.

Graduation Requirements

  1. Completion of a minimum of 120 degree credits.
  2. Completion of pre–pharmacology/toxicology course requirements.*
  3. Completion of courses required in the pharmacology & toxicology major curriculum (including at least 2 credits of approved laboratory-based biomedical research) and 5 credits of electives in the major. 
  4. Completion of non-major curriculum graduation course requirements.*
  5. Fulfillment of the grade point average requirements as stated in the School of Pharmacy academic policies.
  6. Enrollment at UW–Madison for a minimum of 30 credits, with a cumulative GPA of 2.0. The last 30 credits for the degree must be completed while enrolled in the UW–Madison School of Pharmacy.

*Any course that meets B.S. Pharmacology & Toxicology course requirements must be taken for a letter grade, unless the course is, by definition, a credit/no credit course. No course that meets any B.S.–Pharmacology & Toxicology course requirement may be taken pass/fail. "Any course requirement" means (1) any pre–pharmacology/toxicology course requirement, (2) any B.S.–Pharmacology & Toxicology major curriculum course requirement, (3) any B.S.-Pharmacology & Toxicology non-major curriculum graduation course requirement, and (4) the B.S.–Pharmacology & Toxicology electives in the major requirement.

B.S.-Pharmacology & Toxicology Curriculum