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School Nurse Certification

The UW–Madison School of Nursing offers the School Nurse Certification Program in cooperation with the School of Education. Registered nurses and students enrolled in the baccalaureate program may apply for certification.

Baccalaureate-prepared registered nurses (school nurses and interested others holding the R.N. and B.S.) may apply to enter the certification program as "University Special" students with UW–Madison. BSN@Home students (R.N.s working toward a baccalaureate degree) may complete some of the requirements during their enrollment in the BSN@Home program. After completing the B.S., these students could enroll in the program as "University Special" students to complete the requirements. Students enrolled in the basic baccalaureate degree program in the School of Nursing may elect to meet the requirements for certification during their course of study. They should see an advisor early in their program for program planning.

The first step in the process to enroll in the program to attain certification is through an application to the School of Nursing. If you have credits/courses/experiences that may be equivalent to a requirement, you may be exempt from a course, but this must be arranged though the School Nursing (e.g., review of credentials).

Certification Requirements

1. Baccalaureate (four-year) degree in nursing

2. School of Nursing requirements

N470 Primary Health Care Nursing in the School Setting, 2 cr
N472 Practicum in School Nursing, 6 cr

3. Human Growth and Development (one course from either area)

Child/Family Studies
362 Development of the Young Child, 3 cr
363 Development from Middle Childhood to Old Age, 3 cr

Educational Psychology
320 Human Development in Infancy and Early Childhood, 3 cr
321 Human Development in Adolescence, 3 cr
723 Development Processes Across the Life Span, 3 cr

4. Professional Education Requirements (two courses, one from each area)

Educational Psychology
300 School and Society, 3 cr
412 History of American Education, 3 cr
500 Social Issues and Education, 3 cr

Curriculum and Instruction
501 Health Information for Teachers, 3 cr
541 Organization and Administration of School Health and Safety Program, 3 cr