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Graduation Requirements

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.) degree is a 124-credit curriculum comprised of the core nursing curriculum, as well as general education requirements, nursing prerequisite course work, and elective courses. The required courses for graduation are listed below. In addition to completing this course work, students must: (1) earn a cumulative and nursing GPA of at least 2.5, and (2) complete at least the final 30 credits in residence on the UW–Madison campus. (Note: The following curriculum is subject to change; please consult with a nursing academic advisor for the most current graduation requirements.)

General Education Requirements (15–20 cr)

Communication A, 3 cr
Communication B, 3–4 cr
Quantitative Reasoning A, 3–5 cr
Quantitative Reasoning B, 3–5 cr
Ethnic Studies, 3 cr

Science (22 cr)

Chemistry: Chem 103, 108, 109, or equiv., 4–5 cr
Microbiology: Microbio 101 or Biochem 501 or equiv., 3 cr
Human Anatomy: Anatomy 328 or equiv., 3 cr
Human Physiology: Physiol 335 or equiv., 5 cr
Pharmacology: Phm Sci 401 or equiv., 3 cr
Pathology: Path 404 or equiv., 3 cr

Humanities and Social Science (22 cr)

Psychology: Psych 202 or equiv., 3 cr
Sociology: Any introductory Soc course, 3 cr
Human Growth and Development, 3 cr
Humanities, 6 cr
Humanities or Social Science, 7 cr

Math (3 cr)

College Algebra: Math 112 or equiv., 3 cr

Electives (15–27 cr)

Nursing (53–59 cr)

N105 Health Care Systems, 2 cr
N212 Human Responses to Health and Illness I, 4 cr
N219 Clinical Nursing I, 4 cr
N301 Health History and Patient Assessment, 3 cr
N302 Introduction to Systematic Investigation, 
N310 Mental Health and Mental Illness, 3 cr
N312 Human Responses to Health and Illness II, 4 cr
N319 Clinical Nursing II, 4 cr
N322 Community Health Nursing, 3 cr
N332 Essentials of Family-Centered Perinatal and Pediatric Nursing, 3 cr
N401 Legal and Social Forces in Nursing, 3 cr
N415 Organizational Influences on Interdisciplinary Practice, 3 cr
N419 Clinical Nursing III, 4 cr
N422 Advanced Concepts in Nursing Practice, 3 cr
N433 Essentials of Gerontological Nursing, 3 cr
N449 Clinical Nursing IV, 4 cr 

Intermediate or Advanced-Level Credits (75 cr)