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School of Nursing


The School of Nursing, established in 1924, is the leading nursing research institution in Wisconsin and a crucial part of the state’s health care system. As an integral academic partner situated in the health sciences sector of campus with the School of Medicine and Public Health and the School of Pharmacy, the School of Nursing collaborates with scientists and renowned researchers across the campus, the nation, and the world. The school’s research is translational in nature and grounded in practical application—the work being done has an immediate impact on Wisconsin's communities, hospitals, clinics, schools, and homes.

The school has an enrollment of more than 500 students, offering the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.), Doctor of Nursing Practice (D.N.P.), and Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (Ph.D.) degrees. Additional programs include the BSN@Home program for registered nurses who wish to earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing, the honors option, the School Nurse Certification, the early entry Ph.D. option, and a B.S.–M.P.H. advanced placement option.


In fall 2014, the School of Nursing moved to the new Signe Skott Cooper Hall. This $53.3 million nursing building features world-class technology and innovative educational spaces that will allow the nursing school to address health care’s new standard of excellence—high-tech and high-touch methods and practices that result in better patient outcomes and greater satisfaction with care.