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Compliance Requirements

Nursing students need to follow the same compliance requirements that are required of registered nurses (RNs) in practice. Following is the list of compliance requirements that all incoming nursing students must complete on or before July 1. Final admission to the program is contingent upon receipt of the required documentation. It is the student's responsibility to know which requirements will need to be renewed and take the initiative to renew them on or prior to the expiration date during their tenure as a nursing student.

School of Nursing Compliance Requirements:

  • Caregiver Background Check. By law, background checks are required of licensed caregivers and others associated with health and child care facilities in Wisconsin including students receiving clinical training at these facilities.
  • Health Documentation. There are both required and recommended health requirements for the program. Tuberculosis testing (TB) must be completed annually. Hepatitis B: three immunizations are completed over an eight-month period. If a student has not begun or has not completed the Hepatitis B series, the requirement is that the first two doses must be completed by July 1. An extension is given so that the third dose can be administered and documentation be submitted by the end of October. The results of the surface antibody test (titer) must be turned in to the School of Nursing prior to the end of the first semester of enrollment. There is no exception to this requirement
  • Flu Vaccination Documentation. All nursing students are required to receive an annual flu vaccination within the time frame set forth by the CDC for the current academic year no later than October 31. Students can obtain an immunization through the healthcare provider of their choice and must submit written documentation they received the influenza vaccination.
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). There are two CPR courses for health professionals that meet the School of Nursing CPR requirement. Online courses are not acceptable. CPR training must be renewed every two years.
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Training. Students are required to complete the UWHC Safety and Infection Control Training to meet the school’s bloodborne pathogen requirement. This training must be completed annually.
  • HIPAA and Confidentiality Agreement. The School of Nursing uses the UWHC HIPAA and Confidentiality Agreement to meet privacy and confidentiality requirements because most of the students will have clinical at UWHC at some time during their program of study.
  • Release of Information. While a student is enrolled in the School of Nursing, the Nursing Academic Programs Office will be required to provide agencies with personal data, which may include name, NetID, date of birth, and/or email address. At no time will a student's Social Security number be given out.