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1610 University Avenue, Madison, WI 53726-4086; 608-262-3794; nrotc.wisc.edu

Professor Murdoch; Associate Professor Barrett; Assistant Professors Dryden, Ebert, Simonds. The assistant professors act as undergraduate advisors and may be contacted through the department office.

The naval science curriculum is designed to prepare college students to become commissioned officers in the Navy or Marine Corps. Naval Science courses are normally taken for academic credit as part of a student's free electives. Enrollment will be in one of the following categories.

NROTC Scholarship Students

Scholarships are awarded in one of three ways: High school students compete nationally for a four-year scholarship; college freshmen may join the NROTC unit as a "walk-on" college program student and compete nationally for three-year scholarships and college sophomores may compete nationally for two-year scholarships. In addition, NROTC nonscholarship students (see College Program below) may be nominated at the end of each semester. All scholarships provide full tuition, a stipend for textbooks/lab fees, uniforms and a monthly subsistence allowance. Scholarship students receive regular commissions and have a four-year active duty obligation. The obligation is incurred at the start of the sophomore year (junior year for students entering with a two-year scholarship). Applicants must meet established age, physical, and mental requirements.

NROTC College Program Students

These students are selected by the Professor of Naval Science from eligible undergraduates. There is no military commitment until the commencement of the junior year and completion of basic course requirements. Students receive all uniforms and Naval Science textbooks at no cost. At the beginning of the junior year, they also receive a monthly subsistance allowance. College Program students receive regular commissions and have a three-year active duty obligation. College Program students are automatically considered for scholarship appointments at the end of each semester. Applicants must meet established age, physical, and mental requirements.

Naval Science Students

These are students who take Naval Science courses but do not enroll in the NROTC program leading to a commission. All Naval Science courses are open to any student on a space-available basis with the exception of the Naval Sciences Laboratory.

Students who are interested in the NROTC program should consult with the Department of Naval Science.

Naval ROTC students must have their schedules checked and approved by the Naval Science Department to ensure that the latest NROTC Scholarship requirements have been included and will be completed on time.

Marine Corps Instruction

Students who desire to become Marine officers take Naval Science 350 and 351 in lieu of Naval Science 301 and 302. Each of these courses is offered every other year, during the spring semester.