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Military Science—Army ROTC


1910 Linden Drive, Madison, WI 53706; 608-262-3411; www.badgerrotc.wisc.edu

Professor Lieutenant Colonel Blue

Enrollment Officer: Josh Beyerl

The Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) is the nation's largest leadership and management-development training program. It offers the opportunity to earn a commission as a Second Lieutenant for Active Duty, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard while pursuing an academic degree. It enables young men and women to prepare themselves to be leaders in the Army or the civilian career field of their choice. The traditional four-year Army ROTC Program is divided into a two-year Basic Course and a two-year Advanced Course. A non-contracted student enrolled in the Basic Course does not incur a military service obligation.

Basic Course

This instruction introduces the student to fundamental military and leadership subjects. It is normally taken over four successive semesters, but may be completed in as few as two semesters. Students should discuss available options with the Scholarship & Enrollment Officer before registering for courses if they have fewer than four semesters to complete the Basic Course.

The regular curriculum consists of a lecture and lab each semester. Freshmen are encouraged to take Military Science (Mil Sci) 101 and 110 in the fall and Mil Sci 102 and 111 in the spring. Sophomores are encouraged to take Mil Sci 201 and 210 in the fall and Mil Sci 202 and 211 in the spring. Students can enroll in a lecture without enrolling in the lab, but cannot enroll in a lab without the corresponding lecture. Labs are intended to provide practical leadership experience and military skills training such as map reading, land navigation, field training, and rifle/pistol marksmanship.

Advanced Course

Students who have completed the Basic Course or an equivalency (see Two-Year Program) and have passed all enrollment eligibility criteria continue on into the Advanced Course. This course consists of Mil Sci 301, 302, 401, 402, 491 to include corresponding leadership labs, physical fitness training sessions, and a four-week summer camp (Cadet Leader Course) at Fort Knox, KY. During labs and physical training sessions students are provided practical leadership opportunities to prepare them for summer camp and their future military careers. Students normally attend summer camp between their junior and senior years of Military Science. Students must complete all components of this course to earn a commission.

Two-Year Program

Students who are veterans, members of the Army National Guard/Army Reserve, or who have participated in the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps Program in high school may qualify for direct entry into the Advanced Course. Students who did not complete the ROTC Basic Course (see above), but have two years of academic study remaining may be eligible to attend the Cadet Initial Entry Training. This course compresses two years of the Basic Course into four weeks and is held at Fort Knox, KY during the summer. Students who believe they qualify for this program should consult with the Scholarship & Enrollment Officer for more information.


Qualified students may compete for Army ROTC scholarships ranging from two to four years in duration. Students must be enrolled and participating in Army ROTC to be eligible for scholarships. Scholarships are merit based and pay full tuition & fees (both in and out-of-state) or room and board (capped at $5,000/semester) but not both, $600/semester for textbooks and laboratory expenses, and a tax fee subsistence stipend of $300–$500 for each month of the regular school year depending on Military Science level. Interested students should consult with the Scholarship & Enrollment Officer for more detailed information concerning the scholarship eligibility requirements. For additional information about Army ROTC, students may contact Josh Beyerl in the Department of Military Science, 1910 Linden Drive, 608-262-3411, armyrotc@mailplus.wisc.edu.