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Air Force ROTC—Aerospace Studies


1433 Monroe Street, Madison, WI 53711; 608-262-3440; www.afrotc.wisc.edu

Professor Lt Col Goar; Assistant Professor Capt Paeth

The Air Force ROTC (AFROTC) program is the primary path available to enter the U.S. Air Force as an officer. Students enroll in the AFROTC program while working toward the bachelor's degree in any major they choose. They attend an aerospace studies class each semester, a hands-on leadership laboratory, and weekly physical fitness sessions, while learning about how the Air Force works and deciding which job fields match their interests. Upon graduating, they enter active duty service as second lieutenants, in leadership and management roles in the Air Force.

Most career fields have an active-duty commitment of four years after college. If students choose to separate from the Air Force at that time, they can pursue other careers with experience and the distinction of "military officer" on their resumes.

AFROTC is designed for students with three or more years remaining until graduation. To receive an officer's commission, AFROTC cadets must complete all necessary requirements for a degree as well as courses specified by the Air Force. Courses are often taken for academic credit as part of a student's electives. The amount of credit given toward a degree for AFROTC academic work is determined by the student's school or college, and major department.

Scholarships are available to qualified applicants. Scholarships may provide full tuition, laboratory and incidental fees, and reimbursement for textbooks. In addition, scholarship cadets receive a nontaxable allowance ranging from $300 to $500 per month, depending on academic/AFROTC year. Juniors and seniors automatically receive $450 and $500, respectively.

All AFROTC courses are open to all students regardless of membership in the program. Students are invited to take one of the program's courses to determine if AFROTC is right for them with no obligation to join. For more information, please contact the Recruiting Flight Commander at 608-262-3440 or 608-265-4812; afrotc@mailplus.wisc.edu.