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Urban and Regional Planning


Music Hall, 925 Bascom Mall, Madison, WI 53706; 608-262-1004; www.wisc.edu/urpl

Professors Huddleston, Jacobs, LaGro, Marcouiller, Ohm; Assistant Professors Genskow, Gocmen, Morales, Paulsen; Adjunct Faculty Lastarria-Cornhiel

Undergraduate students interested in Urban and Regional Planning courses: Contact the Graduate Admissions Coordinator, 112a Music Hall, 608-265-0509

Faculty diversity liaison: Contact department

The primary purpose of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning is to prepare qualified graduate students to become competent, creative, and effective practicing planners, whether to work in the fields of land use, growth management, environment, natural resources, economic development, or housing. Since its inception as a department in 1962, approximately 1000 students have graduated from the program, most of them working for a large variety of public planning agencies as well as for planning consulting firms, developers and most recently for an increasing number of nonprofit organizations. The program is interdisciplinary in nature with faculty members having academic backgrounds in economics, landscape architecture, sociology and law as well as in planning.

Although the department has no undergraduate program, several of the courses offered by the department's faculty members, as well as crosslisted courses in other departments, are open to undergraduate students in their junior and senior years. Some of these courses satisfy the requirements in social studies or humanities, and some are service-learning courses. The faculty of the department is available for counsel. For information on graduate courses and programs, consult with the department.