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Integrated Studies in Science, Engineering, and Society (ISSuES)

Robert F. & Jean E. Holtz Center, 6317 Social Science Building, 1180 Observatory Drive, Madison, WI 53706; 608-263-2927; www.sts.wisc.edu; sts@ssc.wisc.edu

The Integrated Studies in Science, Engineering, and Society Undergraduate Certificate (ISSuES) offers undergraduate students an opportunity to explore the social sciences and humanities in a way that emphasizes the relationship between science, technology, engineering, and society. From alternative energy to stem cells to nanotechnoloy, the interplay between researchers, politicians and the public is constantly shaping and reshaping our world. The ISSuES certificate allows undergraduate studets to complement their major course of study with a subset of courses aimed at helping them understand how society shapes science and how science shapes society.

ISSuES was designed to help engineering students fulfill their liberal arts requirements, but is highly flexible and is available to all undergraduate students interested in exploring the complex interplay between science, technology, engineering, and society.

Certificate Requirements

The ISSuES certificate requires 15 credits:

  • STS 201 Where Science Meets Society, 3 credits
  • 9 credits (typically 3 courses) chosen from one of four focus clusters—ethics focus, leadership focus, design focus, or general focus.
  • An intermediate or advanced course from the chosen focus area; OR a capstone experience such as independent study, directed study, senior thesis, or senior studies thesis.