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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Studies Certificate Program

Course Requirements
Supplementary Information

3318 Sterling Hall, 475 North Charter Street, Madison, WI 53706; 608-263-1785; www.womenstudies.wisc.edu/certificate-lgbt.htm

Faculty: Albuquerque (Spanish and Portuguese), Armbrecht (French), Basso (Physiology), Bow (English), Capper (Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis), Card (Philosophy), Casid (Art History), Castronovo (English), Chavez (Communication Arts), Clark (Art), D'Acci (Gender and Women's Studies), Desan (History), Enke (History, Gender and Women's Studies), Enstad (History), Fawaz (English), Ford (English), Garlough (Gender and Women’s Studies, Folklore), Guerin-Gonzales (History), Houck (Medical History and Bioethics, Gender and Women's Studies), Hunt (Theatre and Drama), Hussen (English); Johnson (History), Kenoyer (Anthropology), Mani (German), McClintock (English), McClure (Classics), Nixon (English), Peterson (Theatre and Drama), Roberts (History), Samuels (English, Gender and Women's Studies), Wendland (Anthropology), Zaeske (Communication Arts)

Certificate advisor: Nina Valeo Cooke, 608-263-1785, afvaleo@wisc.edu

The LGBT Studies Certificate Program, housed administratively in the Department of Gender and Women's Studies, is a campuswide program open to students in any major. Courses that count toward this interdisciplinary certificate come from a wide range of fields including literature, history, sociology, medical history, as well as from gender and women's studies, which is in itself an interdisciplinary field. New courses are added each semester; therefore students are encouraged to check with the certificate advisor about additions to the lists below.

Course Requirements

The certificate requires a minimum of 15 credits distributed as follows:

1. Introduction to LGBT Studies

Complete the 3-credit course Soc/Gen&WS/Inter-LS 200 Introduction to LGBT Studies.

2. Distributed Content in LGBT Studies

Complete 9 additional credits from the following list of approved 3-credit courses:

AsianAM/English/Gen&WS 463 Race and Sexuality in American Literature
Classics/Gen&WS 351 Gender and Sexuality in the Classical World
English 171 Literature, Gender and Sexuality
English/Gen&WS 252 Gender and Sexuality in Asian American Literature and Culture
English/Gen&WS 416 Gender and Language
Gen&WS 101 Gender, Women, and Cultural Representation
Gen&WS 102 Gender, Women, and Society in Global Perspective
Gen&WS 103 Women and Their Bodies in Health and Disease
Gen&WS 280 Honors Seminar: Studies in Gender, Sex, and Sexuality
Gen&WS 340 Topics in LGBTQ Sexuality*
Gen&WS 342 Transgender Studies
Gen&WS 343 Queer Bodies
Gen&WS 414 Gender, Performance, and Sexuality
Gen&WS 421 Constructions of Gender in the Media
Gen&WS 442 Lesbian Culture
Gen&WS 445 The Body in Theory
Gen&WS 468 Feminism, Folklore, and Comparative Literature
Gen&WS 534 Gender, Sexuality and Reproduction: Public Health Perspectives
History 275 Topics in LGBT Histories*
History/Gen&WS 354 Women and Gender in the U.S. Since 1870
History/Gen&WS 519 Sexuality, Modernity, and Social Change
Med Hist/Gen&WS 524 The Medical History of Sex and Sexuality
Med Hist/Gen&WS 532 The History of the (American) Body

Soc Work 662 LGBT in Social Work Perspective
Theatre 420 Theatre and Society


*Topics courses, such as History 275 and Gen&WS 340, may be taught with a number of different LGBT topics and therefore may be taken more than once, so long as the topic is different.

Often courses appropriate for the LGBT studies certificate are taught under general special topics numbers, so they count only when a particular topic is taught. Departments in which LGBT-related special topics courses are taught include, but are not limited to: anthropology, art history, communication arts, English, French and Italian, history, theater, and gender and women’s studies. Please see the advisor or consult the website for course offerings.

Students are encouraged to contact the advisor with questions about whether a course should count or with suggestions for courses that should be added to the list.

3. Capstone

Complete the 3-credit LGBT Capstone Seminar, which is only offered in the spring semester.

Students must have already completed at least 9 credits in the certificate before taking the capstone course, Gen&WS 642, and can be taken concurrently with the introductory course, Soc/Gen&WS/Inter-LS 200: Introduction to LGBT Studies.

  1. Not more than one course can be taken at the elementary (E) level to count for the LGBT Studies certificate.
  2. Not more than 6 credits can be used to count for both the LGBT Studies certificate AND either the Gender and Women's Studies major or certificate.
  3. Not more that 3 credits of work for the LGBT studies certificate may be in independent studies.

Supplementary Information

  1. Students wishing to earn the LGBT studies certificate should meet with the LGBT certificate advisor to declare their candidacy for the certificate.
  2. Seniors with a GPA of at least 3.5 can count graduate courses toward the LGBT studies certificate if they have the approval of the instructor, and if the course is approved by the LGBT studies certificate advisor. According to L&S rules, no more than one such course can be taken a semester toward the L&S degree.
  3. Students who do not complete the LGBT studies certificate requirements by the time of graduation may earn the certificate after graduation by subsequently completing the certificate requirements as a Special Student.
  4. Students cannot take any course work for the LGBT studies certificate on a pass/fail basis. Also, students cannot take courses in Gen&WS for pass/fail if they are enrolled in the LGBT studies certificate even if the course work is not being used to satisfy requirements for the LGBT certificate.
  5. Students and faculty are requested to inform the LGBT studies certificate advisor of current or past courses that might qualify for LGBT studies certificate credit. Students and faculty are also requested to provide as detailed information as possible regarding those courses. Those courses could include special topics courses taught by certain faculty members in specific semesters. The LGBT studies certificate advisor, in consultation with the LGBT studies certificate committee, will determine which past or present courses qualify for LGBT studies certificate credit.
  6. Students who have declared the certificate can check on their progress through their DARS reports. However, all certificate students must notify the LGBT studies certificate advisor either during or after the semester they are completing the certificate in order to get approval of completion. The certificate is not awarded automatically based on DARS. Students with questions about a DARS report should contact the certificate advisor.