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Chican@ and Latin@ Studies Program

Certificate Program

Note: The @ ending ("a" at the center of "o") offers a simultaneous presentation of both the feminine and masculine word endings of Chicana, Chicano, Latina, and Latino and allows the reader/speaker to choose the form she or he prefers.

312 Ingraham Hall, 1155 Observatory Drive, Madison, WI 53706; 608-263-4486; fax 608-265-8432; www.chicla.wisc.edu

Professors Marquez (Director—Political Science), Escalante (Art), Gloria (Counseling Psychology), Johnson (History), Pacheco (Curriculum and Instruction), Quintana (Counseling Psychology), Saldivar (Theatre and Drama), Scarano (History), Sims (Urban and Regional Planning & Chican@ & Latin@ Studies), Stern (History), Uttal (Human Development and Family Studies); Associate Professor Valdez (Counseling Psychology); Associate Professor Chávez (Communication Arts). Faculty affiliates: Viridiana Benitez (Psychology—Visiting Scholar), Armando Ibarra (School for Workers), Carolina Sarmiento (School of Human Ecology), Edward Vargas (Center for Women’s Health Disparities Research—Visiting Scholar).

Chican@ and Latin@ studies offers a variety of courses, some focusing on particular national-origin groups or specific academic disciplines, and others organized around comparative topics or issues. Examples include: Chicana/o and Latina/o Cultural Studies, Chicana/o and Latina/o History; Topics in Comparative Ethnic Studies; Latina/os and Media; Latinas: Self Identity and Social Change; Colony, Nation and Minority: The Puerto Rican's World; The American West; Mexican American Politics; Understanding Latino Families and Communities; and Integrative Seminar in Comparative and Transnational Ethnic Studies.

Certificate Program

An undergraduate certificate in Chican@ and Latin@ studies is available for students regardless of school or college who wish to pursue Chican@ and Latin@ studies courses in a systematic manner. Information on the certificate is available in the Chican@ & Latin@ Studies Program Office, 312 Ingraham Hall, and the Student Advising Office, 307 Ingraham Hall. Prospective students must make an appointment with Rachelle Eilers (reilers@wisc.edu, 608-265-6081) to discuss requirements, courses, and application for the certificate.

The certificate requires a minimum of 15 credit hours in Chican@ and Latin@ studies.

Requirements listed below are for certificates declared effective fall semester 2005 and later. Completion of the certificate requires 15 credit, including at least one course from each of the following areas:

  1. Introduction to Chican@ and Latin@ Studies: CHICLA 201
  2. One Additional Introductory Course: CHICLA 102 or any CHICLA 200-level course
  3. Advanced Courses: at least 9 credits of CHICLA coursework above the 300-level.  HDFS 474, History 408, and History/Poli Sci 422 are also eligible to count towards the advanced coursework.

Note: A maximum of 3 credits earned through a directed study course (CHICLA 299, 699) can count toward the certificate.

Residence and Quality of Work
  • 2.0 GPA must be earned on all certificate coursework.
  • 8 credits of certificate coursework completed in residence
  • Courses taken as Pass/Fail may not count toward certificate requirements

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