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American Indian Studies Program

Certificate Program

315 Ingraham Hall, 1155 Observatory Drive, Madison, WI 53706; 608-263-5501; aisp@mailplus.wisc.edu; amindian.wisc.edu/

Professors Hill, Macaulay, Nesper, Reaves, Sandefur, Steele, Valentine; Associate Professor Loew, Mithlo, Schenck, Schroeder, Teuton; Assistant Professors Sparks, Yandell

Director: Rand Valentine
Associate Director: Denise Wiyaka

The American Indian Studies Program seeks to provide and maintain the highest levels of education, scholarship, leadership, and support to all students, staff, and faculty at the university. As an integral part of the university, the program maintains a special focus on assisting and supporting American Indians in their educational endeavors. In addition to the commitment to the university community, the program provides consultation and services to numerous local, state, and national organizations.

It is the mission of the American Indian Studies Program to provide leadership to other university departments and programs in the pursuit of American Indian course development and scholarship. In addition, the program serves as a resource center and support for individuals who are interested in American Indian culture, history, research, and contemporary life.

Certificate Program

Certificate advisor: Denise Wiyaka

To receive a certificate in American Indian studies, a student must contact the American Indian studies advisor to fill out the necessary forms. Students are required to complete a total of 18 classroom credit hours. Nine classroom credit hours must be selected from at least three separate subject areas from the following list:

  • American Indian Studies: 100, 150, 151, 274, 301, 302, 325, 371, 401, 402, 431, 450, 474, 578, 639, 658, 699
  • English: 172, 274, 275, 594, 649, 650
  • Anthropology: 208, 314, 317, 354, 356, 471, 676
  • History: 490, 516, 546, 941, 942

Students must complete an additional 9 credit hours of AISP/cross-listed courses approved by the American Indian studies advisor.

The cumulative grade point average received in courses to be counted toward the certificate must be at least 2.50. In some special circumstances students may have courses not listed on the AISP list of courses count toward the credits required for the certificate.

Additional requirements: At least 9 of the total 18 classroom credit hours must be taken at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Of the total classroom credit hours required, only 6 credits may be taken as pass/fail. All other credits must be taken for a letter grade. The certificate is open to Special students and undergraduate students regardless of the college of enrollment.