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Academic Programs Abroad

The College of Letters & Science cooperates with the Office of International Academic Programs in sponsoring more than 165 study abroad and exchange programs on six continents. The benefits of study abroad are many and UW–Madison students enjoy access to outstanding study opportunities throughout the world. Programs are available to students of all academic levels. While many programs include instruction in the language of the host country, students may also choose from a large number of programs that do not require knowledge of a foreign language, and have courses taught in English. Students should be in good academic standing to apply. Interested undergraduate students should begin planning during the freshman year with the goal of taking required courses as early as possible. Credits earned through the UW–Madison IAP Study Abroad Program are considered  "residence credits" at UW–Madison and count toward the college's last 30 credits in residence requirement. Both credits and grades will be posted on the UW–Madison transcript.

Overall, the cost of study abroad includes items that students would have to pay for whether they were at home or abroad: academic fees, room and board, health insurance, and everyday living expenses such as telephone, local transportation, vacation travel, books, and supplies. Scholarships specific to study abroad are available and students who study abroad on UW–Madison-sponsored programs for a semester, year, or winter break and summer durations of four weeks or more are eligible to use all but work study financial aid funding.

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