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Division of Student Life

The Division of Student Life serves all undergraduate, graduate, and professional students at UW–Madison. It includes eight departments unified by the common mission of cultivating, advancing, and interconnecting the academic, professional, personal, and social development of students, as well as championing a respectful, globally engaged, and diverse university community. As a co-author of the Wisconsin Experience, the division strives to engage with students toward the goal of creating and applying learning inside and outside the classroom to make the world a better place.

The central office for the division is located in Bascom Hall, Room 70, 500 Lincoln Drive, Madison, WI 53706-1380; 608-263-5700 (voice); 608-890-1652 (TTY); fax 608-265-5646; dean@studentlife.wisc.edu; see also the Division of Student Life website.

Associated Students of Madison (ASM)

ASM is the student government of the UW–Madison campus and the mechanism through which students participate in shared governance decisions. For information, contact ASM, Student Activity Center, Room 4301, 333 East Campus Mall; 608-265-4276; fax 608-265-5637; asm@ros.wisc.edu.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Campus Center (LGBTCC)

The campus center works to provide educational, social, and support services for LGBT students, and provides opportunities for all students, faculty, and staff who seek to learn more about the challenges and issues faced by LGBT students. For more information contact LGBTCC, 123 Red Gym, 716 Langdon Street, Street, Madison, WI 53706; 608-265-3344; lgbt@studentlife.wisc.edu.

International Student Services (ISS)

ISS assists nearly 4,000 international students and their dependent families on arrival and throughout their stay at the university by providing information on immigration regulations, processing documents, and orientation. For more information contact ISS, Red Gym, Room 217, 716 Langdon Street, Madison, WI 53706; 608-262-2044; fax 608-262-2838; iss@studentlife.wisc.edu.

McBurney Disability Resource Center

The McBurney Disability Resource Center is the primary campus resource for enrolled students with disabilities. Eligibility determination and the provision of disability-related services and accommodations are coordinated through the center. UW–Madison supports full and equal educational opportunities for all students. Students, including those with disabilities, are entitled to an accessible, accommodating, and supportive teaching and learning environment. For more information visit the McBurney website, call 608-263-2741 (voice) or 608-225-7956 (text); fax 608-265-2998; e-mail mcburney@studentlife.wisc.edu; or write to McBurney Disability Resource Center, 702 West Johnson Street, Suite 2741, Madison, WI 53715.

Multicultural Student Center (MSC)

The MSC's purpose is to create programs that will enhance the academic achievement of students of color and develop activities that will promote cultural warmth, identity, and a sense of belonging among all students. For more information contact the MSC, Red Gym, Room 249, 716 Langdon Street, Madison, WI 53706; 608-262-4503.

Center for the First-Year Experience (CFYE)

CFYE plans and implements student orientation for both freshman and transfer students. It also develops courses, programs, and partnerships to enhance a student's first year and organizes academic and tutoring resources. For further information contact the CFYE, 101 Ingraham Hall, 1155 Observatory Drive, Madison, WI 53706; 608-263-0367; fax 608-265-3370; newstudent@studentlife.wisc.edu.

Dean of Students Office (DoSO)

The Dean of Students Office provides walk-in, call-in, or email consultation to students who may need assistance for a variety of issues/concerns. In addition, DoSO administers the UW academic and nonacademic misconduct processes, and promotes academic integrity. For further information, contact the Dean of Students Office, 70 Bascom Hall, 500 Lincoln Drive, Madison, WI 53706-1380; 608;263-5700; fax 608-265-5646; dean@studentlife.wisc.edu.

Center for Leadership and Involvement (CFLI)

CFLI promotes student involvement on campus as an integral part of university education. In addition to providing leadership development for individuals and groups, it also coordinates information on the numerous and diverse collection of student organizations. For more information contact CFLI, 3rd floor, Red Gym, 716 Langdon Street; Madison, WI 53706; 608-263-0365; 608-263-2400 (TTY); fax 608-265-8184; cfli@studentlife.wisc.edu.