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Grading System

The general quality of a student's work is expressed in terms of a grade point average (GPA). It is based on the total number of credits taken for which grades of A through F are received. Semester grades are reported by letter only; plus and minus signs are not authorized. The highest possible GPA is 4.0, representing A grades in every course; the lowest possible is 0.0. The following is the official scale of grades at UW–Madison.

Grades with Associated Grade Points per Credit:

Grade — Grade Points Per Credit
A (Excellent) — 4
AB (Intermediate Grade) — 3.5
B (Good) — 3
BC (Intermediate Grade) — 2.5
C (Fair) — 2
D (Poor) — 1
F (Failure) — 0

Excluded from the grade point average are:

S or U (Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory) in courses taken on the pass/fail basis: S for grades A through C; U for grades D and F.

Cr or N (Credit or No Credit) in courses offered on a credit/no credit basis.

I (Incomplete), a temporary grade used when work is not completed during a term. The symbol IN will be used to indicate an incomplete in a Cr/N course.

Audited courses, denoted as AU in place of a number of credits on grade reports and transcripts, are graded either S (Satisfactory) or NR (No Report).

P (Progress), a temporary grade used for courses extending beyond one term. The final grade determines the grade for each term and replaces P grades for the course.

DR (Dropped), recorded for any course officially dropped later than two days before the last day to add courses.

NW (No Work) is used to indicate that the student never attended and no work was submitted.

In those relatively few cases in which no authorized grade is reported for a student at the close of a term, NR (No Report) will be used to signify the fact for record purposes.