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Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS)

The Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) is part of UW–Madison's commitment to academic advising for undergraduate students. An automated summary of a student's degree progress, a DARS report is particularly helpful when combined with the professional experience and insight of a skilled advisor.

Most undergraduate students may obtain a DARS through the Student Center. DARS reports indicate which requirements have already been completed, are complete with in-progress courses, and which remain unsatisfied. The report may specify courses that meet unsatisfied requirements. In addition to requesting a DARS report for their official degree program, students (and advisors) can run "What-if" DARS reports that analyze degree progress in a program of interest. In many cases, the DARS report also calculates and reports eligibility to declare or apply to a major. This helpful service allows students to proactively engage their educational choices and to take ownership of their degree progress.M/p>

DARS is not intended to replace a student's contact with the assigned academic advisors. Instead, the quick and thorough analysis of a DARS report allows more time in an advising appointment to discuss course options, research opportunities, study abroad options, plans for graduate school, and other issues of interest or concern to students. For most undergraduate programs, DARS is the tool used to determine completion of the program and/or eligibility to graduate.