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Transfer Students

Successful transfer applicants will have a consistently high or upward grade trend; a strong cumulative grade point average; and rigorous course work in English composition, college-level math, science, social science, humanities, literature, and foreign language. Admission to the university does not guarantee acceptance to an intended major, which is a separate process from the undergraduate admission process.

Course Requirements
Course/Subject Area
Credits/Years Required
College Credits 24 transferable semester credits
Algebra 1 year in high school
Plane geometry 1 year in high school
Advanced math 1 year in high school or
1 college course
Foreign language 2 years in high school or
2 semesters in college

Prospective transfer students can begin satisfying UW–Madison general education and degree requirements prior to transferring. For more information on selecting courses for the purpose of satisfying UW–Madison requirements, see Transfer Admissions.

Transfer credit is generally given for college-level courses taken at a degree-granting institution accredited by a CHEA-recognized organization. Courses must be similar in nature, level, and content to UW–Madison undergraduate courses and apply to a UW–Madison academic program. Students may wish to consult the UW–Madison Transfer Credit Policy for more details.

Students within the University of Wisconsin System or the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) may consult the Transfer Information System (TIS) for information on how lower-division courses will transfer to UW–Madison. Students attending two-year colleges in Illinois or Minnesota or tribal colleges in Wisconsin may consult the Transfer Equivalency Database (TED).