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Environmental Education Requirement

This licensing requirement is mandatory for all Elementary Education, Science, Social Studies, and Agri-Science Education certification students. Students with previous degrees in their subjects must also monitor and complete this requirement for certification and licensure.

Complete one course from the list below. If appropriate, this course may also be applied toward the liberal studies, major, or minor requirements. Note these codes: S=Social Studies; P=Physical Science; B=Biological Science.

Additional course options are being reviewed and this list may be expanded in the near future.

  • Biology 152 (B) 
  • Botany 100(B), 152(B), 260(B)
  • Econ 343(S)
  • Envir St—Any course 
  • Geog 120(P), 127(P), 139(S), 339(S)
  • Land Arc 361(B)
  • Pop Hlth 502(B)
  • Soil Sci 301(P), 324(P)
  • Zoology 152(B), 260(B)

The following courses have not been offered recently, but will meet the requirement if taken.

AAE 337(S); Atm Ocn 121(P); Conser 300(B); Econ 337(S); Env Tox 507(B); Envir St 121 (P), 300(B), 309(S), 507(B); Geog 121 (P), 309(S),435(P); Land Arc 300(B); M&Envtox 507(B); Pop Hlth 507(B); Soil Sci 435(P)