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Elective Coursework (B.S.–Art students only)

B.S.–Art students must complete additional coursework to reach the minimum 120 credits required for the degree. These students must complete a minimum of 62 nonstudio credits. Another way of describing this requirement is that only 15 additional studio credits beyond the required 45 credits (43 credits prior to summer 2012) can count toward the 120 credits. Students interested in completing more than 58 total studio credits may wish to consider the BFA degree program, which requires at least 72 studio credits.

Completing an additional major. Students choosing the B.S.–Art option often also choose to complete an additional major in the College of Letters & Science. Review Academic Policies and Procedures to find detailed information about declaring an additional L&S major while a student in the School of Education.

Completing two degree programs. Students also occasionally choose a second degree in another campus school or college. For instance, students may choose an Art degree program as well as a science degree program in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. See Academic Policies and Procedures for more detailed information about the requirements and the approvals necessary to be permitted to complete dual degrees. Important note: Some campus schools/colleges do not permit dual degrees; at the present time this includes the College of Letters & Science and the College of Engineering. Thus, for example, these policies do not permit students to complete an Art degree program and a Journalism degree program.

Students interested in additional majors or dual degrees should consult carefully with an Education Academic Services advisor. Students may be referred to Associate Dean Jeffrey Hamm for additional consultation and approvals.