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Note: This page was replaced 10/29/12 to reflect revisions to the Elementary Education program. It is retained in the catalog for archive purposes.

Education Course Work: Elementary Education [archived]

These courses may be taken by students before admission to the Elementary Education program.

Development (minimum 3 credits)

  • Early Childhood-Middle Childhood Option. Select one of the following: Ed Psych 320 Human Development in Infancy and Childhood, 3, OR HDFS 362 Development of the Young Child, 3
  • Middle Childhood-Early Adolescence Option. Select one of the following: Ed Psych 331 Human Development from Childhood through Adolescence, 3, OR Ed Psych 320, 2-3, AND Ed Psych 321 Human Development in Adolescence, 2-3.

With permission, Psych 560 Child Psychology, 3, may be substituted for Ed Psych 320 and Psych 561 Psychology of Adolescence, 3, may be substituted for Ed Psych 321.

Learning (minimum 3 credits). Ed Psych 301 Human Abilities and Learning, 3.

Health Education. Curric 501 Health Information for Teachers, 3.

Foundations of the Profession (minimum 3 credits). Select one of the following courses:

  • Ed Pol 300 School and Society
  • Ed Pol 412 History of American Education (cross-listed as History 412)
  • Ed Pol 500 Social Issues in Education

Mathematics for Elementary Teachers. Complete all three courses, 9 credits:

  • Math 130 Mathematics for Teaching: Numbers and Operations, 3. Meets Quantitative Reasoning Part A.
  • Math 131 Mathematics for Teaching: Geometry and Measurement, 3
  • Math 132 Problem Solving in Algebra, Probability, and Statistics, 3. Together with Math 131, meets Quantitative Reasoning Part B.

Note: Students with college level calculus course work or advanced placement credit should see this website for possible exemptions to this course work. For more detailed information about these courses, see this website.

Creative Dramatics. Theatre/Curric 362 Drama in Education, 3

Early Childhood Education (Early Childhood/Middle Childhood Option only). Curric 660 Early Childhood Education, 3 (Must be taken at any time after admission to the Elementary Education program.)

Recent Changes to the Elementary Education Program: The Elementary Education program is currently being restructured by the faculty in this area. New undergraduate certification options are being considered and program requirements are changing accordingly.

Effective with fall 2012 program admission, students will be admitted to either a new, Early Childhood with English as a Second Language (EC/ESL) program option, or to a new version of the Middle Childhood through Early Adolescence (MC-EA) option. Students completing the EC/ESL option will eventually be certified to work in preschool through grade 3 settings; the MC-EA program option will focus on grades 1-8.

The professional sequence in both options will be four semesters long, reduced from the current five-semester sequence. Current plans are to discontinue offering the Early Childhood through Middle Childhood certification option. The application period for fall 2012 admission extends from October 1, 2011, through February 1, 2012.

Please stay in touch with Education Academic Services (EAS) regarding the changes in elementary education. Additional program options are currently being developed and will probably be implemented in the fall of 2013. EAS is located in Room 139 Education Building, 1000 Bascom Mall; 608-262-1651. Updates will also be posted on the EAS website.

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