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Transfer Students

Students planning to transfer from another college/university to a School of Education program are strongly encouraged to meet as early as possible with an advisor in Education Academic Services (EAS), 139 Education Building, 1000 Bascom Mall. Call 608-262-1651 to arrange an appointment.

Individuals who are not already enrolled on the UW-Madison campus must be admissible to UW-Madison to enroll in a School of Education program. Occasionally, prospective transfer students may be admitted to a School of Education professional program but are not admitted to the campus through the Office of Admissions and Recruitment. Because School of Education program admission is contingent upon admission to the campus, the offer of program admission must be withdrawn.

Admission to UW-Madison is a separate process with its own application and deadlines; see UW-Madison Undergraduate Admissions for information. The deadline for applying to the campus for fall and summer session admission is February 1; the deadline to apply for spring semester admission is October 1. Off-campus transfer students will be held to the UW-Madison admission grade point average requirements.

Students wishing to transfer directly into a School of Education professional program must also meet the application deadlines for their program of interest. See each program area for eligibility, deadlines, and other program admission information. Dance students are admitted through an audition process. Transfer students admitted to UW-Madison who are not yet eligible to apply to a professional program will usually be admitted with a pre-professional classification—for example, Pre-Elementary Education (PRE) or Pre-Kinesiology (PKN). This pre-professional status does not advantage students in the professional program admission process.

While Education Academic Services advising staff may be able to provide a preliminary review of transfer courses, official transfer course equivalencies are determined by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Credits from other colleges are evaluated by Undergraduate Admissions only after students have filed an application to transfer to UW-Madison. Students transferring from another University of Wisconsin System institution or a Wisconsin State Technical College should consult the UW-System Transfer Information System (TIS) for additional transfer assistance.

Students with a previous degree may be admitted as either a second-degree student or Special (non-degree seeking) student. See the admission section of the program of interest for more information.