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College of Agricultural and Life Sciences


The College of Agricultural and Life Sciences provides educational opportunities to students seeking a wide variety of occupations or careers. The men and women enrolled in the college come from diverse urban, farm, suburban, and rural nonfarm backgrounds, and they have an array of interests.

Students pursue careers in business or industry, biotechnology fields, technical services, teaching, communications, conservation and recreation, human nutrition, or public service, related to the agricultural, environmental, and biological sciences. Many students continue their education in graduate schools throughout the nation and world or enter professional schools in medicine or veterinary medicine.

Equipping Students for 21st-Century Careers

The college's goal is to ensure that every student develops:

  • specialized knowledge in at least one discipline, along with an education broad enough to meet the challenges of changing careers and opportunities
  • the ability to think critically and creatively: to synthesize, analyze, and integrate ideas for decision making and problem solving
  • the ability to communicate effectively through writing and speaking by observing, reading, listening, and using appropriate information technologies
  • a global perspective; an appreciation for the interdependencies among individuals and their workplaces, communities, environments, and world; and an understanding of the interrelationships between science and society
  • the ability to work with others in small or large groups, to recognize civic and social responsibilities, and to appreciate the uses of public policy in a democracy
  • a respect for truth, a tolerance for diverse views, and a strong sense of personal and professional ethics