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Individual Major

The individual major is a flexible program for undergraduates who want to attain a specific academic goal that is not easily attained through a major in one or more departments. The major must involve courses from several departments, must be at least as rigorous as a regular departmental major, and must be targeted at a special intellectual problem or academic need identified by the student.

The individual major is available in the Bachelor of Science degree program.

The student selects a three-person faculty committee from departments offering courses in the proposed major. The major advisor is from a CALS department that offers many of the courses in the proposed individual major. No more than two members of the committee can be from a single department. The student must submit a proposed plan of study to the committee for review and approval. The faculty committee must consult with the department with the most courses in the proposed major. The plan should include: the title of the proposed major; the rationale for the major; the list of courses and the reasons for including each course in the major; and the applicability of the proposed major to the student's future goals or plans. The student is required to earn at least 30 credits after the term in which the proposal is approved.

If the faculty committee approves the plan, the student submits it to the CALS Curriculum Committee along with a letter of support from the major advisor and a summary of the department discussion of the plan. The faculty advisor and student will meet with the Curriculum Committee to present the proposal. The Curriculum Committee may approve the proposal, reject the proposal, or ask for further clarification and resubmission. The decision of the Curriculum Committee is final. Any changes in the major must be approved by the faculty advisor and reported to the Office of Undergraduate Programs and Services, and any changes that significantly affect the nature or rigor of the program must be approved by the Curriculum Committee.

The transcript will indicate "Individual Major" until the degree is awarded. It will then show the exact name of the approved "individual major."