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Dairy Science

Requirements for the Major

266 Animal Sciences Building, 1675 Observatory Drive, Madison, WI 53706; 608-263-3308; dysci.wisc.edu/

Professors Weigel (chair), Armentano, Combs, Fricke, Gianola,  Ruegg, Shaver, Wattiaux, Wiltbank; Associate Professor Cabrera; Assistant Professors Hernandez, Stanton, White

Undergraduates in dairy science prepare for a variety of career opportunities that require a strong background in applied animal biology. Careers include: agribusiness, dairy farm management, technical service and consulting, research, and teaching. Students also enroll in the department to prepare for veterinary school, medical school, or graduate school. Coursework in the major includes animal genetics, lactation, reproduction, nutrition and management. The department may be consulted for additional details and for specific career information.

The dairy science major can be earned under the Bachelor of Science degree program. The dairy science major may be combined with other majors such as agricultural and applied economics, biological systems engineering, genetics, life sciences communication, and agronomy. Multiple out-of-classroom learning opportunities are included in the curriculum and internships on farms or with agribusiness are required to provide the practical training needed for success in any 21st-century careers. Many students gain valuable experience through part-time employment in research labs or in the student-operated dairy cattle instruction and research center.

Students benefit from integration of the instructional and research programs of the department. Discoveries from the research laboratories reach the classroom long before they appear in textbooks. The co-curricular Badger Dairy Club involves students in dairy industry events that provide leadership and networking opportunities in a vibrant industry.

Requirements for the Major

Mathematics and Statistics (6–8 cr)

Math 112 or 114 or 171 or may be satisfied by placement exam
Stat 301 or 371

Chemistry (5–9 cr)

One of the following sets:
Chem 103 and 104
Chem 109

Biology (12–13 cr)

One of the following sets:
Zoology 101 and 102 and Agronomy 100
Zoology 101 and 102 and Botany 130
Biology/Botany/Zoology 151 and 152


Genetics 160 or 466

Biochemistry (3-9 cr)

One of the following sets:

Biochem 501
Biochem 507 and 508
Bmolchem 314 (offered during summer session only)

Economics (3–4 cr)

AAE 215* or Econ 101
*AAE 215 only carries QR-B credit if taken Fall 2011 or later.

Core (≥32 cr)

An Sci/Dy Sci 101
Dy Sci 233
Dy Sci 234
Dy Sci 305
An Sci/Dy Sci/Nutr Sci 311
An Sci/Dy Sci 313
An Sci/Dy Sci 361
An Sci/Dy Sci 362 or 363
An Sci/Dy Sci 373
An Sci/Dy Sci 414
An Sci/Dy Sci 434

At least 3 credits of Dairy Science electives other than Dy Sci 289, 299, 681, 682, 699

Capstone (5 cr)

Dy Sci 399
Dy Sci 535
Dy Sci 690