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International Business


The international business major is designed to provide students with the sound understanding of international business principles and the languages and cultures of other regions that are essential for success in today's global economy.

Students who major in international business must declare another major in business, as functional business skills such as accounting, marketing and finance are important for initial career placement and emphasized more in the early stages of business careers. International skills are generally utilized after mastering functional skills.

Students must choose a region of emphasis and select language and area studies courses accordingly. Currently, regional tracks are established for Asia, Europe, and Latin America. A student must complete a minimum of 43 credits, distributed as follows:

Requirements for the Major

International business coursework, 12 credits (minimum of 6 crs from International Business department) selected from:

Intl Bus 200 International Business, 3 cr
Intl Bus 320 Intercultural Communication in Business, 3 cr
Intl Bus 365 Contemporary Topics, 3 cr
Intl Bus 403 Global Issues in Management, 3 cr
Intl Bus 407 International Accounting, 3 cr
Intl Bus 420 Global Marketing, 3 cr
Intl Bus 430 International Real Estate, 3 cr
Intl Bus 445 Multinational Business Finance, 3 cr
Intl Bus 462 Economic Problems of Latin America, 3 cr
Intl Bus 463 Comparative Analysis in Latin American Development, 3 cr
Intl Bus 615 Doing Business in Emerging Markets, 3 cr
AAE 344 The Environment and the Global Economy
AAE 373 Globalization, Poverty and Development, 3 cr
AAE 374 The Growth and Development of Nations in the Global Economy, 3 cr
Econ 309 Study Abroad in Intermediate Economics, 1-4 cr
Econ 409 Study Abroad in Advanced Economics, 1-4 cr
Econ 364 Survey of International Economies or
Econ 464 International Trade and Finance, 4 cr
Econ 365 Issues in Comparative Economics, 4 cr
Econ 467 International Comparisons—Industrial Firms and Industrial Organizations
Econ 473 Economic Growth and Develop in Southeast Asia
Econ 474 Economic Problems of Developing Areas

Foreign language taught in the region, 22 credits, maximum of two languages. Retroactive credits apply. Students are strongly encouraged to take language courses beyond the minimum requirement in order to maintain proficiency, particularly if planning to take study abroad courses in the language.

Approved languages include:

Asia: Chinese, Hindi, Hmong, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Pali, Filipino, Sanskrit, Telugu, Thai, Tibetan, Turkish, Urdu, Uzbek, Vietnamese

Europe: Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

Latin America: Spanish, Portuguese

Area studies, 9 credits. Students are encouraged to take area studies courses that also fulfill the social science, ethnic studies, and humanities liberal studies requirements.

A list of approved courses is available. Since this list is periodically revised, the most up-to-date information can be found at the international business major website.

Semester abroad on a Wisconsin School of Business-sponsored program in the region. Students are strongly encouraged to take courses abroad in the local language. See Wisconsin School of Business International Programs for study abroad options.