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Information Systems


Built on a solid foundation of a business and information technology (IT) curriculum, the major in information systems delivers a unique blend of business acumen, industry standards, and practical computing instruction. Students enjoy successful placement and satisfying careers because they possess both the in-depth knowledge of business processes and the ability to readily translate business requirements into value-added IT solutions. The curriculum is designed to prepare effective leaders in the design, development, and management of information systems—the lifeblood of a successful business model. Courses emphasize both individual and team projects based on actual applications of the subject matter.

The major in information systems is administered by the Department of Operations and Information Management.

Requirements for the Major

Comp Sci 302 Introduction to Programming (JAVA Programming), 3 cr
Info Sys 365 Contemporary Topics, 3 cr
Info Sys 371 Technology of Computer-based Business Systems, 3 cr
Info Sys 422 Computer-based Data Management, 3 cr
Info Sys 424 Analysis and Design of Computer-based Systems, 3 cr

Suggested Electives Related to Information Systems

Information Systems Analysis & Design
Civ Engr 357 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems, 4 cr
Comp Sci 540 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, 3 cr
Gen Bus 304 Intermediate Business Statistics, 3 cr
Info Sys 365 Contemporary Topics (other than the topic course chosen above), 3 cr
ISyE 349 Introduction to Human Factors, 3 cr
ISyE 575 Introduction to Quality Engineering, 3 cr
ISyE 617 Health Information Systems, 3 cr
Marketing 310 Marketing Research, 3 cr
Marketing 427 Enterprise Systems and Supply Chain Management, 3 cr
OTM 411 Operations Research II, 3 cr
OTM 654 Production Planning and Control, 3 cr

IT Infrastructure Operations & Management

Comp Sci 354 Machine Organization and Programming, 4 cr
Comp Sci 364 Introduction to Data Base Management Systems, 3 cr
Comp Sci 537 Introduction to Operating Systems, 3 cr
Comp Sci 547 Computer Systems Modeling Fundamentals, 3 cr
Comp Sci 564 Database Management Systems: Design and Implementation, 3 cr
Comp Sci 640 Introduction to Computer Networks, 3 cr
OTM 410 Operations Research I, 3 cr
OTM 451 Service Operations Management, 3 cr
OTM 640 Business Logistics Analysis, 3 cr
OTM 654 Production Planning and Control, 3 cr

E-Business Management
Acct I S 301 Financial Reporting I, 3 cr
Acct I S 310 Cost Management Systems, 3 cr
Acct I S 340 Accounting Systems, 3 cr
Acct I S 630 Audit and Assurance Services, 3 cr
Acct I S 631 Information Technology, Risk and Assurance Services, 3 cr
MHR 420 Organization and Management Processes, 3 cr
MHR 421 Management: Decisions, Implementation and Control, 3 cr
MHR 422 Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship, 3 cr
MHR 423 Strategic Management, 3 cr
OTM 451 Service Operations Management, 3 cr
Info Sys/ISyE/OTM 671 E-Business: Technologies, Strategies and Applications, 3 cr
Info Sys/ISyE/OTM 672 E-Business Transformation: Design, Analysis and Justification, 3 cr