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This Undergraduate Catalog (formerly the individual school and college bulletins) provides information regarding academic majors and school and college procedures and policies. It is available on campus to currently enrolled students. In addition to the Catalog, new undergraduate students should consult the Guidebook, a basic academic reference, during the first year on campus.

The Timetable is the only document that tells students which courses are available each semester. It lists the prerequisites for each course, where the course meets, how many credits the course is worth, and when the final exam is held. It does not supply information about degree requirements--that information is available from the school or college advisers. It is important that students read the text preceding or following the department course listings and the Timetable footnotes when planning their schedules. The Timetable also includes information about registration, enrollment eligibility, and other official announcements.

Resources, published by the Campus Assistance Center for the Dean of Students Office, is a student handbook with information about support services, recreation, housing, transportation, health care, and the great variety of ethnic and cultural organizations on this campus. Resources complements this catalog with information that is not strictly academic but is still essential to life as a student at UW-Madison. It is available to all new students.

In addition, some individual departments and programs prepare their own publications to advise students. For more information about available publications, students should ask the staff in their advising offices.

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