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Abbreviations Used in Course Listings

Yra continuous course extending through two semesters
Icourse given during the first semester
IIcourse given during the second semester
I, IIsemester course given each semester
SScourse given in Summer Sessions
crnumber of credit hours per semester
*crcredit to be arranged
con regconcurrent registration
Cr/Ncredit/no credit courses (198, 298, 698); no grades are awarded. Whether credit is given or not depends on instructor's evaluation of work done.
Fr, So, Jr, Sr, Grad Stfreshman, sophomore, junior, senior, graduate standing
cons instconsent of instructor
Irrirregularly scheduled
Alt Yrs, Even Yrs, Odd Yrscourses offered every other year. (May be used in conjunction with a semester, e.g., I, Even Yrs; II, Odd Yrs; SS, Alt Yrs.)

Courses numbered under 300 carry credit only for undergraduates; those in the 300-699 group carry credit for both undergraduates and graduates; those in the 700-999 group are usually taken only by graduate students.

BBiological Science
IInterdivisional. Does not satisfy any breadth requirement.
NNatural Science. Satisfies the Natural Science requirement but not the Biological or Physical Science requirement.
PPhysical Science
SSocial Sciences
WEither Social Sciences or Natural Science
XEither Humanities or Natural Science
YEither Biological Science or Social Sciences
ZEither Humanities or Social Sciences
eMeets the Ethnic Studies requirement

DEither intermediate or advanced

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