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Division of Continuing Studies

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The Division of Continuing Studies provides a leadership role in coordinating Summer Sessions, continuing education departments and special programs and cross-college services.

Summer Sessions

The Office of Summer Sessions allocates instructional budget; stimulates innovative and special courses for UW-Madison undergraduate, graduate, and special students; publishes UW- Madison summer publications.

UW-Madison undergraduate students are well represented among the more than 14,500 students enrolling in summer courses. They can choose from over 1,600 credit classes offered in one- to 13-week sessions. Many of the courses are taught in the Three-Week Early Session and the Eight-Week General Session. Students can also experience innovative programs available only in summer, including the University Summer Forum lecture series and the Windows on the World.

In summer, students can earn one credit per week of instruction. Students often mix and match sessions to earn nearly a semester's worth of credits during a summer--credits that enable students to graduate on schedule and in some cases, graduate earlier.

Continuing UW-Madison undergraduates eligible to continue in summer from spring will automatically be mailed touch-tone registration information in April; undergraduates not eligible to continue will need to obtain their dean's permission to register for Summer Sessions. New and reentry UW-Madison undergraduates should apply for admission early.

All admission, registration, and course information is published in the Summer Bulletin/Timetable, available in late January from the Office of Summer Sessions, 905 University Avenue, Madison, WI 53715-1005. Call 608/262-2115 (after hours, 262-4352). Fax: 608/265-2901.

University Special and Guest Students

The Office of University Special and Guest Students provides academic advising, admission, records, and other support services for nearly 2,000 nondegree students enrolling each semester as University Special and Guest students.

There are seven classifications of University Special students--undergraduates frequently use two of these classifications. Recent UW graduates may enroll in the UNRS category of University Special students to take course work for entrance into graduate or professional schools; for licensing or employment purposes; or to take credit classes beyond the regular degree requirements. Undergraduate students visiting from other universities and transferring credits back to their "home" academic institution enroll in the UNVS classification. Early admission application is encouraged for all classifications.

University Special students pay the regular per-credit undergraduate fees and tuition; Guest students pay reduced fees, enroll for audit-only purposes, and use limited University facilities. For information and an application, request the University Special and Guest Student Brochure from the Office of University Special and Guest Students, 905 University Avenue, Madison WI 53715-1005. Call 608/262-2115 (after hours, 262-4352). Fax: 608/265-2901.

Noncredit Program Opportunities

Undergraduate students interested in supplementing their university credit classes with noncredit programs will find hundreds of opportunities through the Division of Continuing Studies departments of Arts, Communication Programs, Health and Human Issues, and Liberal Studies and Governmental Affairs. For program descriptions and registration information, students should request the Outreach Program Catalog published three times a year by the Program Information and Publications Office, 610 Langdon Street, Madison, WI 53703. Call 608/262-1156. Fax: 608/265-2475.

Independent Learning

Undergraduate students often earn credits through Independent Learning courses arranged through UW-Extension. Many of the wide range of correspondence and audiovisual courses have been developed by UW-Madison faculty. Credits can be applied toward a baccalaureate degree from any institution in the UW System. Before enrolling in Independent Learning courses, students should check with an adviser in the school or college to make sure the chosen course is appropriate for the degree program. Students currently enrolled at a UW System institution should follow the regulations governing Independent Learning. For example, written permission may be required to register for Independent Learning courses. To request a catalog, call 608/263-2055 (toll free 800/442-6460) or pick up a copy at the Registration Office, Room 104, 432 North Lake Street, Madison, WI 53706.

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