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Undergraduate Majors

These are the undergraduate majors offered by UW-Madison. The abbreviations in parentheses after each major refer to the school or college which offers the program. For more information on majors (and specialties within major programs) consult the appropriate school or college section of this catalog.


(CALS) College of Agricultural & Life Sciences
(BUS) School of Business
(ED) School of Education
(E) College of Engineering
(SHE) School of Human Ecology (formerly Family Resources & Consumer Sciences)
(LS) College of Letters & Science
(MED) School of Medicine
(NUR) School of Nursing
(PH) School of Pharmacy


Accounting (BUS)
Actuarial Science (BUS)
African Studies (LS)
African Languages & Literature (LS)
Afro-American Studies (LS)
Agricultural Business Management (CALS)
Agricultural and Applied Economics (CALS) (formerly Agricultural Economics)
Agricultural Education (CALS)
Agricultural Engineering (CALS)
Agricultural Journalism (CALS)
Agronomy (CALS)
Anthropology (LS)
Animal Sciences (CALS)
Applied Math, Engineering & Physics (LS)
Art (ED)
Art Education (ED)
Art History (LS)
Asian Studies (LS)
Astronomy-Physics (LS)
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (LS)
Bacteriology (CALS)
Bacteriology (LS)
Behavioral Science & Law (LS)
Biochemistry (CALS)
Biochemistry (LS)
Biological Aspects of Conservation (LS)
* Biology (ED)
Botany (LS)
Cartography and Geographic Information Systems (LS)
Chemical Engineering (E)
Chemistry (ED)
Chemistry (LS)
Child & Family Studies (SHE)
Chinese (ED)
Chinese (LS)
Civil Engineering (E)
Classical Humanities (LS)
Classics (LS)
Communication Arts (LS)
Communicative Disorders (ED)
Communicative Disorders (LS)
Comparative Literature (ED)
Comparative Literature (LS)
Computer Sciences (LS)
Computer Sciences & Statistics (LS)
Consumer Science (SHE)
Dairy Science (CALS)
Dance (ED)
Dietetics (CALS)
Dietetics (SHE)
Earth Science (ED)
Economics (ED)
Economics (LS)
Electrical Engineering (E)
Elementary Education (ED)
Engineering Mechanics (E)
English (ED)
English (LS)
Entomology (CALS)
Environment, Textiles and Design (SHE)
Family & Consumer Education (SHE)
Family & Consumer Journalism (SHE)
Finance, Investment, & Banking (BUS)
Food Science (CALS)
Forest Science (CALS)
French (ED)
French (LS)
General Home Economics (SHE)
Genetics (CALS)
Geography (ED)
Geography (LS)
Geological Engineering (E)
Geology & Geophysics (LS)
German (ED)
German (LS)
Greek (LS)
Hebrew (ED)
Hebrew (LS)
History (ED)
History (LS)
History & History of Science (LS)
History of Culture (LS)
History of Science (LS)
Horticulture (CALS)
Humanities Education (ED)
Individual Major (LS/ED)
Industrial Engineering (E)
Information Systems Analysis & Design (BUS)
Interior Design (SHE)
International Relations (LS)
Italian (ED)
Italian (LS)
Japanese (ED)
Japanese (LS)
Journalism (LS)
Kinesiology (ED)
Landscape Architecture (CALS)
Latin (ED)
Latin (LS)
Latin American & Iberian Studies (ED)
Latin American & Iberian Studies (LS)
Linguistics (LS)
Management & Human Resources (BUS)
Marketing (BUS)
Materials Science & Engineering (E)
Mathematics (ED)
Mathematics (LS)
Meat & Animal Science (CALS)
Mechanical Engineering (E)
Medical Microbiology & Immunology (LS)
Medical Science (LS)
Medical Technology (MED)
Metallurgical Engineering (E)
Molecular Biology (LS)
(B.A./B.S.) (LS)
Education (LS)
Performance (LS)
Theory (LS)
Natural Science (ED)
Naval Science (E)
Naval Science (LS)
Nuclear Engineering (E)
Nursing (NUR)
Nutrition (SHE)
Nutritional Sciences (CALS)
Occupational Therapy (ED)
Operations & Information Management (BUS)
Pharmaceutical Sciences (PH)
Pharmacology & Toxicology (PH)
Pharmacy (PH)
Philosophy (LS)
Physical Therapy (ED)
Physician Assistant (MED)
Physics (ED)
Physics (LS)
Plant Pathology (CALS)
Polish (ED)
Polish (LS)
Political Science (ED)
Political Science (LS)
Portuguese (ED)
Portuguese (LS)
Poultry Science (CALS)
Psychology (LS)
Real Estate & Urban Land Economics (BUS)
Rehabilitation Psychology (ED)
Retailing (SHE)
Risk Management & Insurance (BUS)
Rural Sociology (CALS)
Russian (ED)
Russian (LS)
Scandinavian Studies (LS)
Social Studies (ED)
Social Welfare (LS)
Social Work (LS)
Sociology (ED)
Sociology (LS)
Soil Science (CALS)
South Asian Studies (LS)
Spanish (ED)
Spanish (LS)
Special Education (ED)
Statistics (LS)
Textile & Apparel Design (SHE)
Theatre & Drama (LS)
Transportation & Public Utilities (BUS)
Wildlife Ecology (CALS)
Women's Studies (LS)
Zoology (LS)
* This major, offered through the School of Education, provides Biology certification for students interested in teaching grades 6-12.

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