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Computer Facilities and Labs

The Division of Information Technology (DoIT) is UW-Madison's central facility for research, instructional, and administrative computing. DoIT offers a variety of services for students, including free computer training. DoIT's main offices are located at 1210 West Dayton Street, across Orchard Street from Union South. For more information, call the DoIT General Information number at 608/265-4774 or send email to telephone@doit.wisc.edu.

Showroom & Solutions


Students at the UW-Madison have access to a growing collection of free on-line computing and networking services. Services include Email, WiscINFO, the Electronic Library, and EASI. Email (electronic mail) allows communication by computer with anyone in the world who has an Internet address. WiscINFO allows access to many sources of diverse information, from local campus events to national and international topics. The Electronic Library suite of services includes MadCat, the on-line catalog of the UW-Madison libraries, and selected journal and information databases. EASI (Extended Access to Student Information) provides direct access to selected information in student records. Students have access to these services in the open computer labs (InfoLabs) on campus (see below) or by dialing-in from their home computer with a modem and special dial-in software (available from DoIT). DoIT provides free training and documentation on how to use these services. For additional information on WiscWorld services, call 608/264-HELP or send email to help@doit.wisc.edu.

Showroom & Solutions

DoIT provides a place where students can try out microcomputers, peripherals, and software. Staff members help students get started, provide consulting, and have information about educational discounts for microcomputers sold through DoIT Product Sales. DoIT sells computer supplies, documentation, and selected software packages. A computer repair service for selected hardware is also available. For more information, call 608/265-SHOW or send email to showroom@doit.wisc.edu.


DoIT coordinates general-access computer labs at 14 locations on campus. The labs offer computers, printers, special equipment including scanners and plotters, and selected software. All labs have the WiscWorld services mentioned above, as well as other educational software. InfoLabs are free to use (laser printing is currently 7 cents per page) for anyone with a valid UW-Madison ID. Not all hardware and software are available in every lab. Please call ahead for information on specific items and lab schedules.

ARCH at Gordon
Room A2, Gordon Commons, 263-6130
Macs, PCs. UW Housing residents only.

ARCH at Kronshage
1650 Kronshage Drive, Basement, 262-9447
Macs, PCs. UW Housing residents only.

CALS Computer InfoLab
Rooms 149 & 150, Animal Science, 263-2817
Macs, PCs.

CHS Libraries/Middleton InfoLab
1st Floor, 1305 Linden Drive, 262-6957
Macs, PCs, Apple IIe's.

CHS Libraries/Weston InfoLab
Mezzanine, J5/120, CSC, 263-5338
Macs, PCs.

College Library InfoLab
Room 2250, Helen C. White, 263-9889
Macs, PCs.

DoIT InfoLab
Room B122, 1210 W. Dayton Street, 262-5518
Macs, PCs.

Family Resources InfoLab
Room 235, 1300 Linden Drive, 262-3190

IMCC InfoLab
2nd Floor West, Memorial Union, 262-4503

L&S LSS InfoLab
Room 464, Van Hise Hall, 262-4575
Macs, PCs.

Math InfoLab
Room 101 Van Vleck, 263-9720
Macs, PCs, NeXT.

Memorial Library InfoLab
Room 140, 728 State Street, 265-3017
Macs, PCs.

Steenbock Library InfoLab
Room 110C, 550 Babcock Drive, 262-5648
Macs, PCs.

Wendt Library InfoLab
1st Floor, Southeast End, 262-1646
Macs, PCs.

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