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Several departments in the Graduate School offer specific departmental degrees in conjunction with the law degree. Students interested in pursuing this dual degree should contact the major department for more information. Requirements for obtaining a dual degree with law will be described under the specific departmental listing in this catalog.

Ph.D. Minor

Work in the Law School may be offered as a minor toward the Ph.D. degree. The Law School encourages graduate minors in law, not only in the belief that some professional training in handling legal materials can enrich related social science research, but also because of the stimulation which such students can bring to the law faculty and students.

For a minor in law, Ph.D. candidates must complete 10 credits. The minimum grade requirement is a weighted average of 77. The same grading standards will be applied. Requests for applications for the Ph.D., indicating a major in another department and a minor in law, should be made to the Graduate School.

For more information on the Law School, please contact: Admissions, 6224 Law Building, 975 Bascom Mall, Madison, WI 53706; 608/262-5914.

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