310 Special Topics in Women and the Humanities. 1-3 cr. Investigation of some specific topic in women's studies. Subject differs each semester. P: Women St 101 or 102 & a crse in a related discipline; or cons inst.

317 Gender and Music. (Crosslisted with Music) 3 cr. Examines how cultural notions of gender have affected and influenced music in its genres, institutions and performance practices. P: So st.

320 Special Topics in Women and Society. 1-3 cr. Investigation of some specific topic in women's studies related to women and society. Subject differs each semester. P: Women St 101 or 102 & a crse in a related discipline; or cons inst.

321 Women's Work, Women's Lives 1800 to the Present. 3 cr. The social experience and cultural meaning of women's work in the United States. Emphasis on participation in the paid labor force, with some attention to women's changing roles in the family. P: So st.

322 Women and the Life-Cycle: A Cross-Cultural Perspective. 3 cr. Examines and interprets the life-cycle of women in two or more societies. Division of women's life cycles; women's roles in each stage of the life cycle; beliefs and rituals involved in rites of passage. P: So st or cons inst.

323 Gender, Race and Class: Women in U.S. History. (Crosslisted with Afroamer) 3 cr. Historical interplay of racism and sexism in the lives of Black and White women of different class backgrounds in the United States. P: So st.

330 Topics in Gender/Class/Race/Ethnicity (Humanities). 3 cr. Topics in the feminist study of inequality and difference based on class, gender and race/ethnicity, with a humanities emphasis. P: Women St 101 or 102.

331 Topics in Gender/Class/Race/Ethnicity (Social Sciences). 3 cr. Topics in the feminist study of inequality and difference based on class, gender and race/ethnicity, with a social science emphasis. P: Women St 101 or 102.

350 Daytime Serials: Family and Social Roles. (Crosslisted with Fam Com) 3 cr. Analysis of the themes and characters that populate television's daytime serials and investigation of what impact these portrayals have on women's and men's roles in the family and in the work place. The course will compare and contrast prime-time programs with daytime serials for these themes. P: So st.

351 Gender and Sexuality in the Classical World. (Crosslisted with Classics) 3-4 cr. Constructions of gender and sexuality in the classical world through art, literature and archaeology. P: So st or cons inst.

353 Women and Gender in the U.S. to 1870. (Crosslisted with History) 3-4 cr. An advanced and comparative study of the roles of gender, class, and race in American history and historiography. Themes include women as agents of social change and as builders of community. P: So st; completion of intro history & women's studies crse preferred.

354 Women and Gender in the U.S. Since 1870. (Crosslisted with History) 3-4 cr See 520. P: So st; completion of intro history & women's studies crse preferred.

355 Representations of Women in 20th C. Jewish Literature. (Crosslisted with Hebr St, Jewish) 3 cr. Jewish women's writings and portrayals of Jewish women in literature, in light of central events in modern Jewish history, with emphasis on the double marginality of women in an ethnic minority.

392 Women in History. (Crosslisted with History) 3-4 cr. An examination of the cultural, social, economic, and political activities of women. Geographical or chronological emphasis varies with instructor. P: So st.

408 Women and Leisure. (Crosslisted with CAVE) 3 cr. Implication of the relationship between women and leisure from a lifestyle perspective; analysis of the changing role of women; changing concepts of leisure from a feminist perspective. P: Cons inst.

410 Women in the Arts. 3 cr. An interdisciplinary exploration of women as artists: Analysis of individual works of art in a variety of genres and media, placed in their historical and cultural contexts. P: Women St 101 or 102 plus one sem of intro work in any Lit dept (incl lit in tran), comm arts, or art hist; or cons inst.

411 Minority Women in the Arts. 3 cr. An interdisciplinary exploration of art produced by women who belong to one or more minorities by virtue of their race, religion, ethnic heritage, sexual preference, age, or class. P: Women St 101 or 102 and a critical or theoretical course in a related discipline; or Women St 410; or cons inst.

412 Special Topics in Women and the Arts. 3 cr. Women artists and their works of art placed in their historical and cultural contexts. Limited to one artistic medium; art form differs each semester. P: Women St 101 or 102 or 410 and a course in a related discipline; or cons inst.

415 Introduction to Contemporary Feminist Theatre and Criticism. (Crosslisted with Theatre) 3 cr. Introduction to the history, literature and theory of feminist theatre and of feminist criticism of mainstream theatre in the United States from 1960 to the present. P: So st or cons inst.

416 Women in Medieval Society. (Crosslisted with Medieval) 3 cr. The changing role of women in medieval Europe from the fall of Rome to the Italian Renaissance. P: Jr st or cons inst.

420 Women in Cross-Societal Perspective. 3 cr. An interdisciplinary examination of the position of women in a variety of social contexts; an analysis of the societyspecific and universal social forces that determine the position of women; an investigation of the change in women's status and role worldwide and an inquiry into the causes of this change. P: Woman-related course; a soc sci course; or cons inst.

421 Constructions of Gender in the Media. 3 cr. Portrayal of women and men in the various mass media, including film, television, radio, newspapers, and magazines. Institutional and structural explanations for the social role stereotyping that exists in the media. Effects on society of stereotyping in the mass media. P: Women St 101 or 102 or woman-related course; & an intro course in soc sci, journ, or comm arts.

422 Women and the Law. 3 cr. Legal system, laws, and proposed legislation that have specific impact on the lives of women. Topics investigated in both the social and legal contexts. P: A woman-related course and a soc sci course; or cons inst.

423 Black Feminisms. (Crosslisted with Afroamer) 3 cr. Examines the writings of Black feminists in order to foster interdisciplinary analyses of contemporary Black feminist thought. P: Women St 104 or Afro-Amer/ Women St 323.

424 Women's International Human Rights. 3 cr. An examination of the contemporary development of international human rights and women's rights, and the fundamental contradiction between them. Analyzes core themes and issues of women's international human rights. P: So st.

425 Chicana Feminisms. (Crosslisted with Chic/STD) 3 cr. Examines key texts in the historical development of Chicana feminist thought. Considers the diversity of Chicana feminisms as well as how Chicana feminist theory proposes liberation from racial, gender, class, and sexual oppression. P: Chic/Std 101 or women's studies intro crse or Jr st.

430 The Biology and Psychology of Women. 3 cr. A critical examination of theories, research findings and historical perspectives in the fields of biology, psychology, and medicine that are relevant to the development and evolution of sex role differences and biases. Assumptions, theories, and methodologies applied in such areas of investigation as: hormonal effects on the brain and behavior, the nature-nurture question, sex role development and stereotyping, and female sexuality. P: Women St 103, & either Psych 201 or 202, Hlth Care Systems 105 or Zoo 101; or cons inst.

431 Childbirth in the United States. 3 cr. American women's childbirth experiences from the colonial period to the present. Childbirth as a cultural as well as a biological event. Basic physiological information for understanding and evaluating changing approaches to pregnancy and childbirth. P: Women St 103 or 430 or equiv; or cons inst.

440 Feminist Theory: Historical Perspectives. 3 cr. The evolution of theoretical and ideological explanations of women's past and present and prescriptions and visions for their future; critical analysis of feminist and non-feminist theories of the relation of woman to the social, economic, and political world. P: Jr st & 3 cr intermed or adv women's studies or cons inst.

441 Contemporary Feminist Theories. 3 cr. Contemporary theoretical positions and debates about feminisms in the humanities and social sciences. P: Jr st & 3 cr intermed or adv women's studies or cons inst.

442 Lesbian Culture. 3 cr. Exploration of lesbian culture and history. Focuses on the history, meanings, and representations of relationships among women; critically analyzes the concepts of lesbian perspective, theory, aesthetic, and sensibility. P: So st & Women St 101 or 102.

443 Anthropology by Women. (Crosslisted with Anthro) 3 cr. Contributions of women anthropologists to feminist and anthropological theories and research methods. Field research and gender. Current debates in women's studies and anthropology in light of recent research on women and gender in cross-cultural perspective. P: So st; one women st crse or one anthro crse or cons inst.

449 Special Topics in Feminism and Social and Cultural Theory. 3 cr. Investigation of specific theorists, themes, problems, or eras in feminism and social theory. Subject differs each semester. P: So st and 3 cr of women st; or cons inst.

464 Goddesses and Feminine Powers. (Crosslisted with Relig St, Langasia) 3 cr. Studies in the history of world religions with focus on specific feminine deities and sacred powers, their myths, cults and symbols, and their human agencies. P: Jr st or cons inst.

469 Women and Politics. (Crosslisted with Poli Sci) 3-4 cr. Changing political roles, status, attitudes, and behaviors of women in contemporary society and of the political implications of changing female/male relationships. P: Jr st or cons inst.

477 Feminism and Sociological Theory. (Crosslisted with Soc) 3 cr. This course reviews the ways that feminist critiques have reshaped social theory since 1960. It examines the ways that feminist theorists have reconceptualized classical sociological problems and how this has influenced the ways research in conducted.

522 Psychology of Women. (Crosslisted with Psych) 3 cr. Examination of theories and research on the psychology of women. Explores topics such as the biological and cultural bases of the psychology of women; psychological aspects of female sexuality and reproduction; violence against women; female achievement and power; lifestyle choices of women; and women and mental health. P: So st; Women St 102, 103 or 430; & a course in psych; or cons inst.

530 Biology and Gender. 3 cr. Examines the theories and methodologies of the relevant research areas in biology and animal behavior that underlie biological determinist theories of gender and gender differences, and explores alternative approaches, theoretical constructs and interpretations. P: Womens St 103 or cons inst & Jr or Sr st.

531 Women and Health in American History. (Crosslisted with Hist Med, Hist Sci) 3 cr. Women as patients and as health professionals in America from the colonial period to the present. P: Jr st & cons inst.

533 Special Topics in Women and Health. 3 cr. Examination in depth of specific topics in the area of women's health. Critical reading of scientific literature and exploration of relevant biomedical issues in social, economic and cultural contexts. P: Women St 103 or cons inst.

560 Gender and Education. (Crosslisted with Ed Pol) 3 cr. The impact of gender on educational performance and opportunity and the problems of integrating family and alternative lifestyle needs into educational policy and planning. P: Jr st and background in social sciences or cons inst.

561 Women in Sport: Historical Perspectives. (Crosslisted with Kines) 2-3 cr. Historical development of sports for women; changing roles and opportunities for women in sports; discussion of contemporary issues. P: Jr st or cons inst.

571 Women in British and American Literature 1914 to the Present. (Crosslisted with English) 3 cr. An analysis of selected modern works with attention to women writers and to the image of women in modern literature. P: 6 cr of intro lit.

640 Advanced Seminar in Women's Studies. 3 cr. Major contributions of women's studies scholarship: interdisciplinary analyses of principal theoretical debates, integrating women's studies coursework. P: Sr st; Women St 440 or 441 or cons inst.

660 Internship in Women's Studies. 3-8 cr. The internship program is designed to provide students with opportunities for learning and working in organizations in ways that connect their coursework in women's studies to specific issues in community settings. P: Sr st; women's studies major; & cons inst.

677 Critical and Theoretical Perspectives in Black Women's Writings. (Crosslisted with Afroamer) 3 cr. Analyses and interpretations of literary works by black women writers through historical, philosophical, political, feminist, and other contemporary critical methods. P: Undergrads: 2 crses in Afro-Amer lit above intro level, or equiv in another dept of lit. No prereq for Grads.

691 Senior Thesis I. 2-3 cr. Research and preparation for the writing of a senior thesis. P: Cons inst.

692 Senior Thesis II. 2-3 cr. Senior thesis. P: Women St 691 and Cons inst.

698 Directed Study. 1-6 cr. Graded on Cr/N basis. P: Requires cons inst.

699 Directed Study. 1-6 cr. Graded on lettered basis. P: Graded on a lettered basis; requires cons inst.

720 Special Topics in Women and Society. 3 cr. P: Cons inst.

732 Psychology of Women. (Crosslisted with Psych) 3 cr. This course covers research and theory in psychology of women. Topics include nonsexist research methods, psychological gender differences, theories of moral development, women of color, mental health and feminist therapy, rape, sexual harassment, and public policy issues. P: Grad st & cons inst.

735 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention for Women Across the Lifespan. (Crosslisted with Nursing) 3 cr. Identification of health concerns for women, recognizing differences among age, socioeconomic, and ethnic groups; synthesis of biophysiological, psychosocial, and cultural influences of such health concerns; analysis and proposal of interventions to promote overall health and to prevent problems among women. P: Grad st and a course in research design or cons inst.

760 Sex/Gender-Related Issues in Curriculum and Instruction. (Crosslisted with Curric) 3 cr. A poststructural feminist analysis of educational discourse and practice; examines selected sex/gender issues in curriculum and instruction; explores some implications for classroom teaching of the complex interrelationships between sex/gender, race, social class, sexuality, and ability/disability. P: Cons inst.

820 Women and Mental Health. (Crosslisted with Soc Work) 2 cr. Theory and literature; new models of mental health; new approaches to social work practice with women clients. P: Grad st.

858 Women and Social Work Practice. (Crosslisted with Soc Work) 2-3 cr. Examination of the literature, research, and theory concerning the effects of sex-role stereotyping from a psychological, economic, and social perspective. P: Grad st.

900 Research Methods in Women's Studies. 3 cr. P: Grad St; Women St 440 or equiv; or cons inst.

920 Anthropology of Gender. (Crosslisted with Anthro) 3 cr. Theoretical and ethnographic approaches to the anthropology of gender, focusing on current works. Topics include sexual inequality, research methods, gender and history, gender and ethnographic writing, cultural constructions of masculinity, sexuality, and gender studies and anthropological theory. P: Grad st.

999 Independent Research. 1-3 cr. P: A woman-related course, or cons inst.