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The Academic Semester Summary Period
College-Level Examination Program
Examinations for Placement
Credit by Course Examination ("Retro Credit")
Credit by Departmental Examination
Repeat of College Courses
Class Standing
Course Designations and Breadth Requirement
Directed Study
Course Level
Graduate Courses
Credit Load
Registration Changes
Grading System
Credit/No Credit Courses
Academic Probation and Drop
Change of Grade
Foreign Language: Students with Certain Disabilities
Credit Limitations, Non-degree-Granting Inst. & Cor. Study
Concurrent Registration
Transfer Students
Transfers within the University
Transfer Students With an Associate Degree from a UW Center
Senior Thesis
Senior Graduate Status
Scholastic Awards
Second Undergraduate Degree
International Students and Non-Native Speakers of English
Air Force, Army, and Naval R.O.T.C.
Division of Information Technology (DoIT)
McBurney Disability Resource Center

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