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Institute for Enzyme Research

Institute for Enzyme Research
(from UW-Madison School of Education Bulletin)
Since its inception in 1948, the institute's mission has been to conduct
fundamental investigations regarding the ultimate nature of life processes,
with particular emphasis on the elucidation of the chemical reactions which
take place in living matter, and the isolation and characterization of the
enzymatic agents which catalyze the chemical reactions characteristic of living
matter. The institute also provides training for research workers at the
postdoctoral level to facilitate the progress of similar and applied studies at
this University and throughout the world. The institute is not a
degree-granting department and offers no courses. However, each research
section chairperson holds a joint appointment in at least one other University
department (e.g., Biochemistry), and supervises graduate students who are
candidates for the Ph.D. degree and who conduct their research in the
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