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Graduate: Fellowships

Graduate: Fellowships
(from UW-Madison School of Education Bulletin)
The fellowships available at the University of Wisconsin are designed for
different purposes and disciplines: some target beginning graduate students,
returning scholars, and minority students; some are restricted to University of
Wisconsin graduates. The initial screening for most Graduate School Fellowship
programs is done by the departments; students are not considered for these
awards unless they are first nominated by the graduate department. Specific
Graduate School programs that require a departmental nomination are the
University Fellowship Competition (WARF), in which departments nominate their
best candidates to a Divisional Committee; and the Advanced Opportunity
Fellowship Program for qualified minority and/or economically disadvantaged
nonminority students. In addition to the campus-wide fellowship competition,
students who earned a UW-Madison degree may be nominated by their department
for the Vilas Fellowship ($600 per academic year plus remission of out-of-state
tuition and fees). Five Special Vilas awards are made to students without a
UW-Madison degree.
     Two fellowship programs require direct student applications. (1) The E.B.
Fred Fellowship Program, a one-semester fellowship, is directed toward students
with a recent interruption (of at least five years) in their studies.
Applicants must have completed no more than 12 credits during the interruption.
Applications are available in the Graduate School Fellowship Office in
November; the application deadline is early February. (2) The HEA Title VI
Fellowships for modern language and area studies training in six area studies
programs: African, East Asian, East European, Latin American, South Asian, and
Southeast Asian. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores are required and
applicants must be U.S. citizens or Permanent Residents. Applications are
available in area studies offices, departments, and the Office of International
Studies and Programs. The application deadline is mid-January. Summer awards
are also available in some areas with an early February deadline.
     International students are eligible for consideration for Graduate School
fellowship programs if their undergraduate institution's language of
instruction was English, or if they have completed, at the time of nomination,
at least two semesters at an institution in the United States.
     Advanced Ph.D. candidates whose dissertation research requires an extended
stay abroad may apply for a limited number of travel fellowships which range
from partial airfare costs to $1,500. Interested students should contact their
department or the Graduate School Fellowships Office about nomination
     There are special application procedures for programs administered by
federal and nonfederal agencies such as the National Science Foundation, Hertz,
Hughes, Javits, and Churchill. Deadlines are generally in the early fall.
Information is available from the Fellowships Office.
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