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Graduation Requirements

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.) degree is a 124-credit curriculum comprised of courses in general education, nursing practice, and electives. The required courses for graduation are listed below. In addition to completing this course work, students must: (1) earn a cumulative and nursing GPA of at least 2.5, and (2) complete at least the final 30 credits in residence on the UW–Madison campus. (Note: The following curriculum is subject to change; please consult with a nursing academic advisor for the most current graduation requirements.)

General Education Requirements

Communication A, 3 cr
Communication B, 3–4 cr
Quantitative Reasoning A, 3–5 cr
Quantitative Reasoning B, 3–5 cr
Ethnic Studies, 3 cr
Math 112 or equiv, 3 cr 

Science (22 cr)

Chemistry 103, 108, or 109, 4–5 cr
Anatomy 328 or equiv, 3 cr
Physiology 335 or equiv, 5 cr
Microbiology 101 or Biochemistry 501 or equiv, 3 cr
Pathology 404 or equiv, 3 cr
Pharmacology 401 or equiv, 3 cr

Social Science and Humanities (22 cr)

Humanities, 6 cr
Human Growth and Development, 3 cr
Psychology 202 or equiv, 3 cr
Introductory Sociology, 3 cr
Social Science or Humanities, 7 additional credits

Nursing (53–59 cr)

N105 Health Care Systems: Interdisciplinary Approach, 2 cr
212 Human Responses to Health and Illness, 4 cr
219 Clinical I, 3–4 cr
301 Health History and Patient Assessment, 3 cr
302 Introduction to Systematic Investigation, 3 cr
310 Mental Health and Mental Illness: Implications for Nursing, 3 cr
312 Human Responses to Health and Illness, 4 cr
319 Clinical II: Nursing Care in the Inpatient Setting, 4 cr
322 Community Health Nursing, 3 cr
332 Essentials of Family-Centered Perinatal and Pediatric Nursing, 3 cr
401 Legal and Social Forces in Nursing, 3 cr
415 Organizational Influences on Interdisciplinary Practice, 3 cr
419 Clinical III: Community Health Nursing Practicum, 4 cr
422 Advanced Concepts in Nursing Practice, 3 cr
433 Essentials of Gerontological Nursing, 3 cr
449 Clinical IV: Nursing Care of Persons and Families with Complex Health Care Needs, 4 cr 

Electives (15–27 cr)

Intermediate or Advanced-Level Credits (75 cr)

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