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Center for Academic Excellence

Programs and Services for Students of Color and Nontraditional Backgrounds

The University of Wisconsin–Madison is a large multicultural academic community where students come to share their ideas, languages, and cultures. Whether from a rural, suburban, or urban community, each student offers a rich heritage, unique personal talents, abilities, and expectations that enrich his or her learning experience.

The College of Letters & Science at UW–Madison is committed to meeting the needs of a diverse student population. L&S Student Academic Affairs administers academic support programs that assist academic achievement while promoting a friendly and welcoming experience for students of color and nontraditional backgrounds. The programs that make up the Center of Academic Excellence include:

Academic Advancement and Pathways Student Academic Services Programs. B47 Bascom Hall, 608-263-5068; DeVon Wilson, Assistant Dean and Director/MD Coordinator

Academic Advancement Program (AAP). B47 Bascom Hall, 608-263-5068; Jose Madera, Assistant Dean and Assistant Director

African American Student Academic Services (AASAS). B47 Bascom Hall, 608-263-5068; Karla Foster, Student Services Coordinator

American Indian Student Academic Services (AISAS). B47 Bascom Hall, 608-263-5068; Melissa Greendeer, Student Services Coordinator

Chicano/a and Latino/a Student Academic Services (CLSAS). B47, 608-263-5068;  Philip Denis, Student Services Coordinator

Lawton Undergraduate Retention Grant.  For L&S students who wish to apply for the Lawton Grant, contact L&S Lawton Grant coordinator Pao Thao, B47 Bascom Hall, 608-262-2583. Students outside Letters & Science must contact their school or college's student academic affairs office, or the Office of Student Financial Aid, 333 East Campus Mall #9701; 608-262-3060.

Pathways Student Academic Services. B47 Bascom Hall, 608-263-5068; Geoffrey Thompson, Assistant Dean and Assistant Director

Southeast Asian American Student Academic Services (SEAASAS). B47 Bascom Hall; 608-263-5068; Pao Thao, Student Services Coordinator

Summer Collegiate Experience (SCE). B47 Bascom Hall; 608-263-5068; Nichlos Ewoldt, Assistant Dean and Director

Undergraduate Research Scholars (URS). 313 Red Gym; 608-890-3696; Svetlana Karpe, Assistant Dean and Director