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Applied Mathematics, Engineering, and Physics

Entrance Requirements
Requirements for the Major
Honors in the Major
Distinction in the Major

203 Van Vleck Hall, 480 Lincoln Drive, Madison, WI 53706; 608-263-2546, www.math.wisc.edu/~amep

Committee-in-Charge: Professors Forest (Physics), Graham (Chemical Engineering), Milewski, Waleffe (co-coordinators, Mathematics)

This four-year program in the interdisciplinary physical sciences offers a strong theoretical foundation in related areas of engineering sciences, mathematics, and physics for professional work in the field of industrial research and technology. It also provides a foundation for graduate degree work in applied mathematics, engineering sciences, and physics.

The AMEP program is an excellent choice for the student who is interested in engineering sciences, mathematics, and physics, and who is planning a career for which knowledge of all three is important.

Entrance Requirements

AMEP students should be qualified to take calculus and physics the first semester. For admission to the junior year of the program, a student must have a grade point average of at least 2.75 in Math 221, 222, 234 or Math 275, 276, 375 and Physics 207, 208 or Physics 247, 248.

Requirements for the Major

The degree requirements of the AMEP program are administered by the Executive Committee of the Division of Physical Sciences with the assistance of the Committee-in-Charge, AMEP.

  1. GPA Requirement for Continuation in Program: Minimum 2.75 GPA required in Math 221, 222, 234 or 275, 276, 375; Physics 207, 208 or Physics 247, 248.
  2. A total of at least 125 credits is required in the College of Engineering, the College of Letters & Science, or both, with a minimum GPA of 2.0.
  3. To be eligible to continue in the fifth semester of the AMEP program, students must file a Course Record Form in the AMEP Office.
  4. Core Requirements:
    1. Complete General Education Requirements in Communication, Parts A and B.
    2. Complete at least one semester of chemistry (preferably 103 or 108).
    3. Complete Math 221, 222, 234, 321, 322. Math 275, 276, 375, 376 may be substituted for 221, 222, 234. Complete an additional 11 credits of mathematics with the approval of the mathematics advisor. Courses must be listed on the Course Record Form.
    4. Complete Physics 247, 248, 249, 311. Physics 207, 208, 241, may be substituted for 247, 248, 249. Complete an additional 12 credits of physics with the approval of the physics advisor. Courses must be listed on the Course Record Form.
    5. Complete at least 21 credits in engineering science, forming a progressive and cohesive sequence in one area of engineering. Minimum 12 credits must be at the I/A level and all courses must be listed on the Course Record Form approved by the engineering advisor.
    6. Complete 3 credits of approved laboratory experience and 3 credits of approved computational experience. These credits may also be used to partially satisfy the engineering and physics requirements.
    7. A minimum of 20 credits in liberal arts and science (C) courses outside the physical and mathematical sciences. Courses must carry the "C" designation in the Course Guide and may not carry a physical science (P) breadth designation or be listed or crosslisted in the mathematics or computer science departments. The minimum of 20 credits in liberal arts and science courses may not include more than 10 credits from any single department.
      1. Complete a minimum of 12 credits in humanities and/or social studies.
      2. Credits may include a maximum of 8 credits in biological sciences.
      3. Additional L&S credits outside physical sciences (excluding computer sciences and mathematics).
    8. Foreign Language Requirement: Complete through at least second-semester college level or the equivalent high school level in a single foreign language.
    9. Electives to bring the total credits to a minimum of 125. These may be taken in either the College of Engineering or the College of Letters & Science, or in both.
    10. Ethnic Studies Requirement. Complete at least 3 credits of ethnic studies. Select from courses with ethnic studies (e) designation.
    11. L&S Residence Requirement: Students who have completed 90 degree credits must complete the last 30 degree credits (excluding credits by exam) at UW–Madison.

A more detailed statement of the degree requirements can be obtained from the AMEP Program Assistant, Department of Mathematics, 218 Van Vleck Hall.

Program Schedule. The beginning student in the AMEP program is assigned a major advisor from the mathematics department who assists the student in preparing a four-year program and in selecting courses in mathematics. Later, in the third or fourth semester, the student is assigned additional advisors for courses in engineering science and physics.

Students in the AMEP program must consult with their advisors each semester. Students can obtain more information from the AMEP Program Assistant, Department of Mathematics, 218 Van Vleck Hall.

Honors in the Major

Students interested in earning Honors in the Major should consult with the department honors advisor. Students should ordinarily declare to the department their intention to graduate with Honors in the Major at the end of their sophomore year or the start of their junior year, and must receive permission from the department honors advisor before being admitted to the department honors track.

Distinction in the Major

Students satisfactorily completing course work in the AMEP program with at least a cumulative GPA of 3.5 will be nominated for Distinction in the Major.