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Psychology Minor Requirements

Faculty advisor: Professor Alan Lockwood, 256A Teacher Education, 263-6262, lockwood@education.wisc.edu

Important: The School of Education is now offering a new and innovative teacher licensing program in secondary education. Licensing in middle and high school English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies is now obtained by completing a master’s degree program in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. Graduates are awarded a master’s degree along with certification in their subject area(s) and certification in English as a Second Language (ESL).

This new structure means that students at UW–Madison become certified to teach these subjects only through graduate-level course work, not as undergraduates.

Information about the new program (e.g., licensing areas, requirements, application process, prerequisite course work and tests, deadlines, and program selection) is available on the Curriculum and Instruction website

Advising staff in the School of Education's Academic Services Office, 139 Education Building, 608-262-1651, can also answer questions and confer with students about the new program.

The minor requirements listed below are provided only for (1) secondary students admitted into the undergraduate program fall 2013 or before, and for (2) elementary education students wishing to complete a minor in this subject.

Complete a minimum of 26 credits. Students wishing to complete a double major in Psychology through the College of Letters and Science must complete supporting course work in introductory biology (e.g., Biology 101 and 102). Students may also wish to consult with an undergraduate advisor in the Psychology department. Courses are Psychology (Psych) listings unless otherwise indicated.

  • 201 OR 202 Introduction to Psychology, 3–4
  • 210 Basic Statistics for Psychology, 3
  • 225 Experimental Psychology, 5
  • 507 Psychology of Personality, 3, OR 522 Psychology of Women, 3
  • 509 Abnormal Psychology, 3
  • 530 Introductory Social Psychology, 3–4
  • Select one from:
    • 408 Psychology of Human Emotions, 3
    • 409 Psychology of Motivation, 3
    • 414 Cognitive Psychology, 3
    • 419 Human Information Processing, 3
    • 430 History of Psychology, 3
  • Select one from:
    • 449 Animal Behavior, 3
    • 450 Animal Behavior: The Primates, 3
    • 454 Behavioral Neuroscience, 3, and 455 Laboratory in Behavioral Neuroscience, 1
  • Additional course work, if necessary, to total 26 credits.

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