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Italian Education Program

Student access to the Italian Education certification program is dependent upon available supervisory and cooperating teacher resources. For this reason, prospective Italian Education students must confer with the World Language Education (WLE) program director, Professor Charles James, 810 Van Hise Hall, 262-9747 or 262-2192, cjjames@facstaff.wisc.edu, Students who do not have previous teaching experience or have not completed a teacher preparation program should expect to participate in the four-semester World Language Education program. Teacher candidates with extensive course work or teaching experience may complete a modified program after consultation with faculty. Admission to the four-semester professional program entails meeting minimum admission requirements and adherence to strict application deadlines. See the WLE program director for details. 

All students seeking language education certification must have completed at least a minor in the target language (students may not be certified with a minor only), must meet minimum oral and written proficiency requirements, and have participated in an extensive immersion experience. Program admission requires accumulating a minimum number of credits, completing all but six credits of the major course work, earning minimum grade point averages, and taking the Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST), also called the Praxis I. See the Application and Admission information below. As noted above, admission to the Italian Education program is dependent upon available resources.

Italian Education students will complete the following requirements:

  • Liberal Studies and General Education Requirements
  • Italian Education Major and Minor Requirements
  • Oral and Written Proficiency Examinations
  • Immersion Experience Requirement
  • Professional Education Requirements 
  • Additional Graduation Requirements
  • Student Testing and Assessment, Portfolio, and Teacher Standards
  • Application and Admission Information