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Operations and Technology Management


The challenges of succeeding in competitive environments require firms to efficiently and effectively manage their operating core. This core includes activities broadly defined as analysis, design, redesign, and management of processes to support the operations side of manufacturing, service management, and supply chain management. Networks of information and material flows must be managed from sources of supply through transformations of resources into goods and services for customer deliveries through distribution systems. The OTM major is designed to prepare students to contribute to process management and process improvement in this domain. Hallmarks of the major are emphases on contexts such as service operations management, technology management, manufacturing, and logistics, as well as problem solving methodologies such as business analytics.

Students choosing this major may find the Specialization in Supply Chain Management particularly attractive due to complementary coursework and overlapping job opportunities.

Requirements for the Major

It is recommended that the undergraduate core course OTM 300 Operations Management be taken as early as possible in preparation for this major.

Complete three OTM core courses

OTM 442 (Fall and Spring) Database Management and Applications, 3 cr
OTM 640 (Fall) Business Logistics Analysis, 3 cr


OTM 410 (Fall) Operations Research I, 3 cr or
OTM 411 (Spring) Operations Research II, 3 cr

Choose three elective courses: two may be from the following list of OTM Core Electives plus an additional elective course (may also be from this list) chosen in concert with the OTM faculty advisor (Tim McClurg).

School of Business courses on the OTM Core electives list cannot be used to satisfy the School of Business breadth requirement.

OTM Suggested Core Elective Courses

OTM 351 Principles and Techniques of Quality Management, 3 cr 
OTM 365 Contemporary Topics, 3 cr
OTM 370 Sustainable Approaches to System Improvement, 3 cr
OTM 410 Operations Research I, 3 cr
OTM 411 Operations Research II , 3 cr
OTM 451 Service Operations Management, 3 cr
OTM 654 Production Planning and Control, 3 cr 
Info Sys 365 Contemporary Topics, 3 cr
Info Sys 371 Technology of Computer-Based Business Systems, 3 cr
Info Sys 422 Computer-Based Data Management, 3 cr
Info Sys 424 Analysis and Design of Computer Based Systems, 3 cr
Info Sys/ISyE/OTM 671 E-Business—Technologies, Strategies, and Applications, 3 cr
Acct 310 Cost Management Systems, 3 cr
Comp Sci 302 Introduction to Programming, 3 cr
Marketing 310 Marketing Research, 3 cr
Marketing/OTM 421 Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management, 3 cr
Marketing/OTM 422 Logistics Management, 3 cr
Marketing 423 Procurement and Supply Management, 3 cr
Marketing 427 Enterprise Systems and Supply Chain Management, 3 cr
ISyE 510 Facilities Planning, 3 cr
ISyE/ME 512 Inspection, Quality Control and Reliability, 3 cr
ISyE 515 Engineering Management of Continuous Process Improvement, 3 cr
ISyE/ME 549 Product Design, 3 cr
Gen Bus 304 Intermediate Business Statistics, 3 cr

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