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Arts Institute

324 Lathrop Hall
1050 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53706

The University of Wisconsin–Madison Arts Institute speaks for and on behalf of the arts at UW–Madison as the “Voice of the Arts.” As the first division on the UW–Madison campus dedicated to the arts, the Arts Institute advances the arts as an invaluable resource to a vital university, and promotes all forms of artistic expression, experience, and interpretation as fundamental paths to engaging and understanding our world.

The Arts Institute is dedicated to developing inter- and trans-disciplinary curriculum and research among the arts and other disciplines across campus. The institute’s programs are dedicated to harnessing the power and potential of artistic exploration and expression for the benefit of the university and the state of Wisconsin. Its programming includes the Creative Arts and Design Residential Learning Community―“The Studio,” the Awards in the Creative Arts, Arts Outreach, the Madison Early Music Festival, and the Wisconsin Film Festival.

The Arts Institute’s Interdisciplinary Arts Residency Program brings artists of international scope to the campus each semester to teach an interdisciplinary course for university credit, sponsored by at least two departments. Building on this foundation, the Arts Institute is currently developing its own curriculum that will further the diversification and integration of the arts across campus. More than 130 faculty and staff members affiliated with the Arts Institute lend a voice in developing curriculum that will further advance cross-disciplinary arts at UW–Madison.